Conversions and crash tackles

A bit like a Cyberman, my conversion is complete. Unlike a Cyberman, I look the same on the outside, but on the inside I've been transformed into a coffee connoisseur. I have my standard order: strong, regular flat white with half a sugar. And I have my favourite brand: Campos. The coffee shop across the... Continue Reading →

Guest blogging from Beijing

DD flew to Beijing on Sunday night. His flight left at 10pm (Sydney time) and he finally laid his weary head in a bed again at around 3.30am this morning (Sydney time). I don't know how he does it, but somehow he manages to find the energy to spend about 12 weeks a year travelling... Continue Reading →

She won!

The youngest is pretty stoked: she's the Pacific region winner of the CBRE Kids' Christmas Card Design Competition. She submitted a Santa drawing she did last year when she was 9, but she won as a 10-year-old. Here it is: The prize is a $100 gift voucher plus the honour of her name being mentioned... Continue Reading →

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