Crushing at Crowded House

I was lucky enough to see the 30th anniversary Crowded House concert at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday night.

It was pretty bloody amazing.

And a bit spooky.

The eldest came along with me as her 13th birthday present from her Aunty Kathryn.

I was 13 when I fell in love with Neil Finn. It kinda messed with my mind to be sitting on the steps of the Opera House with my own 13-year-old watching Neil perform.

Neil is 58 now … wow, that’s a bit freaky too … but I still quite fancy him.

His brother Tim came on stage for a few songs – to rapturous applause – and I found myself quite fancying him too.

He’s 64.

My sister agreed that Tim was in pretty good nick for a 64-year-old. I asked her if she could have ever imagined us checking out a grey-haired bloke in his 60s … We both agreed we couldn’t … Old age …

Thirteen-year-old me couldn’t have computed that she’d still be watching the Finn brothers on stage 35 years later and still think they’re hawt.

At one point, a woman threw her bra on the stage, so I’m not the only one. It prompted Neil to recall Paul Hester saying the band was “wild but safe” – hence no panties thrown on stage like other bands, just the top half, nothing below the waist!

(Let’s not talk about the dickwad who threw a rock at Neil. Yes. Really.)

The Finn brothers also still sing the most amazing harmonies together. “Weather with you” was almost transcendent in its beauty live on stage.

It’s an incredibly powerful, wonderful thing to hear thousands of fans sing “Don’t dream it’s over” at the top of their lungs. I can’t begin to imagine how awesome it must feel to hear a song you wrote sung back at you like that.

I think the eldest enjoyed herself. She’s going through an Easter Island statue phase so it can be a bit hard to tell.

Here are some snaps from the night. They’re a little dodgy because our elderly legs decided they preferred to be seated on the stairs rather than standing in the mosh pit:

What was your favourite band when you were a teen?

Song of the day: Crowded House “Weather with you”

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6 thoughts on “Crushing at Crowded House

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  1. My favourite band was Sherbet and Dazza the spunk (lol) but I loved Split Enz and saw them perform on a little stage in Townsville back in the seventies. I’ve never seen Crowded House live but I listen to their music all the time. Sounds like you all had a great time 🙂

  2. Not bad for a bunch of Kiwis, eh?! Hooray for 60-odd year olds!
    FB was raving about the show as it was shown on TV last night.
    I didn’t see it because I was being thoroughly entertained by the delightful Missy Higgins, with the backing of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at The Plenary, here in Melbourne. A wonderful performance in front of 5,500 people!
    Missy did a lot of new stuff and a couple of covers then knocked us out with some oldies but goodies like “Scar” and “Steer”…a wonderful night! 👍😘

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