The turkeys won’t get me down

As America was nodding off from its Thanksgiving feasting yesterday, I was driving the youngest to her school’s annual outdoor film & fun night.

The eldest begged off saying she was too tired from a week of swim school. (I suspect being too cool to hang in her old playground also played a part.)

I was feeling pretty knackered too … from work and crazy life stuff … ohhhhhh, the loopy things I can’t blog about … let’s have a drink and I’ll tell you ALL about it … But I hauled myself up to the school anyway cause the turkeys ain’t gonna get me down.

I was supposed to supervise the jumping castle last night, but the inflatable hire staff declined my assistance – bless them – so I returned to the throng of school mums for a heavy duty chin wag.

I’ve sooooo miss being able to catch up with everyone now I’m working full time.

The youngest disappeared with $10 to ride – and injure herself falling off – a mechanical bull and eat fairy floss. She also gave me a glorious reprieve at 8pm and said we didn’t have to stay for the movie. Woo-hoo!

Anyways, here are lots of pics from the US of celebs and turkeys of the edible variety … Gobble, gobble …

Guess where I’m going tonight …

Song of the day: Crowded House “Message to my girl”

5 thoughts on “The turkeys won’t get me down

  1. Probably a good escape not being bouncy castle monitor. I saw a ‘parent’ to ‘parent’ bouncy castle rage incident a few weeks ago at the local hippy food markets, after one child stood on another child and one parent told the child off. It blew up. I can’t go near a bouncy castle for a few months now.

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