Guilted into it

My ex talked me into going to the 10-year-old’s school assembly yesterday. She was getting a special badge after being awarded three merit certificates during the year for upholding the values of the school. Kindness, thoughtfulness, that sort of thing. The youngest told me it was totally unnecessary to attend because “everyone gets one during […]

The freedom that REALLY matters

My lovely friend Corrinne wrote a timely blog post that struck a chord with me yesterday called “Empowerment isn’t blowing out someone else’s candle.” It summed things up beautifully for me during what’s been a difficult week. It’s filled with wise words I intend to follow. She said: “Real empowerment is standing on your own […]

Well I screwed THAT up

I feel like a right-wing Donald Trump-style wannabe after copping a serve from a few people over yesterday’s blog. It seems, in the midst of flying off the handle, I gave the awful impression that I didn’t think divorced men should pay child support and it was treating them like an ATM if you expected […]

No sainthood for me

As my regular readers know, I’m big on positive co-parenting to ensure your kids come out the other side of divorce as unscathed as possible. I miss out on sainthood because I write a daily blog that expresses occasional displeasure with the way my marriage ended. But, apart from that, I reckon I’ve been pretty bloody […]

Urgent beauty therapy needed

It sounds totally counter intuitive, but exhausted me drove 45 minutes to the Northern Beaches yesterday for a little beauty therapy. Not the facial and manicure type, what I needed was the sea. I hadn’t planned on making the trip, but the day was too gorgeous to resist. It was beautiful at Avalon Beach and […]

Do you ever worry about this?

There’s a lot of pressure on my Saturdays … Well … it’s mainly inside my own head. After a busy working week, the kids and I get one relaxed day together before they head to their dad’s on Sunday. It should be a change to spend some “quality” time. But, every Sunday I wake up feeling […]

Food for thought

It still confounds me that someone who was so obsessed with cooking … me … doesn’t care  any more. The kids and I generally rotate between a few favourites: spag bol, home crumbed salmon and baked fries, chicken stir-fry … Pre marriage failure I was constantly in the kitchen experimenting. I was a professional food […]

The parenting trap

It’s becoming clear to me that there isn’t anything near an ideal life scenario for modern parents. The stay-at-home parents go stir-crazy and envy the ones working and earning incomes. The full-time workers envy the stay-at-home parents and wish they could have more time with their kids. The part-time workers face the constant juggle of […]