The freedom that REALLY matters

My lovely friend Corrinne wrote a timely blog post that struck a chord with me yesterday called “Empowerment isn’t blowing out someone else’s candle.”

It summed things up beautifully for me during what’s been a difficult week. It’s filled with wise words I intend to follow.

She said: “Real empowerment is standing on your own two feet and taking true responsibility for yourself. You don’t need to trample on others to feel your own power – even if they hurt you.

“Trampling on others is easy. Lashing out is quick and simple. But it’s weak.

“When you’re really empowered, you’re very aware that you stand alone as a human being. You don’t need to take to become stronger. You don’t need to bring anyone else down to lift yourself up.”

I had a restless sleep last night as I pondered the latest challenges I’ve thrown in my own path.

And then, just before dawn, the universe sent me a sign.

I dreamed I was having lunch with my friend Megz in a Newcastle shopping centre when we saw Kathleen Folbigg walking towards us. She’d been quietly released from jail and decided to surprise us. She looked serene and happy and beautiful. My mouth dropped open, I started crying and ran to give her a huge hug.

It reminded me THAT’S the freedom that matters, not the belief its our right to say whatever we like without considering the hurt or consequences.

(I’m also hoping the dream was a premonition.)

Song of the day: Elton John “Candle in the wind”





8 thoughts on “The freedom that REALLY matters

  1. You sound just like me – letting stuff chew you up like that and causing you sleepless nights. You’ve got to be kinder to yourself.

    When I read your “rant” the other day, I didn’t interpret your comments to mean that expecting fathers to pay child support was akin to “treating them like ATMs”. A few people did and that’s because they are in the horrible situation where their exes are uncooperative financially. But you couldn’t have known that some people would take offence. Anyway, you’ve handled the situation beautifully (except the bit where it’s still keeping you awake at night).

  2. This week I have introduced my family to my ‘Oh Well….’ motto, which just seems to be falling from my face all the time…get cut off in the car? ‘Oh well’. Get in the slow lane at Woolies, ‘Oh well’ it’s like a reminder not to sweat the small stuff. They laugh out loud now when I say it. ‘Oh well’

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