Well I screwed THAT up

I feel like a right-wing Donald Trump-style wannabe after copping a serve from a few people over yesterday’s blog.

It seems, in the midst of flying off the handle, I gave the awful impression that I didn’t think divorced men should pay child support and it was treating them like an ATM if you expected any.

Oh noooooooooo! That’s terrible. No wonder someone called me a judgemental bitch. I’ve published her comment because, while I don’t agree with name-calling, I deserve to be pulled up for ranting so thoughtlessly.

I’ve reread and amended the blog.

Of course parents should contribute fairly to their children’s upbringing. And you’re not treating your ex as an ATM if you expect them to do that.

Every marriage break-up is different. I don’t know the challenges you’ve faced, the hurt you’ve endured or the obstacles you’ve overcome.

I do know it’s bloody hard being a single mum and we need to look out for each other.

I’m lucky enough to have a good job, be able to pay a mortgage and have an ex who cares about his kids’ financial and emotional welfare. Not everyone has that advantage.

But I see injustices wrought on both sexes during divorce when bitterness takes hold.

It breaks my heart when any parent – male or female – who loves their kids and only wants the best for them gets hurt or marginalised.

Punishing your ex and providing for your kids are two very different equations.

It’s important to always remember that.

I’ll also never forget how easy it is to appear harsh and judgemental in a blog post.

Think. Before. You. Type.

No song of the day. Too mortified.




4 thoughts on “Well I screwed THAT up

  1. I read the first post and I actually didn’t read that into it. Isn’t it funny how perspective is different for everyone.
    I hope that whoever was upset has accepted it wasn’t intentional on your part.
    hugs don’t be mortified you have apologised and corrected it xoxo

  2. I also read the first post and didn’t read that into it either. Been meaning to post for ages – love reading your blog. The strangest thing has kept me from commenting, I don’t know what ‘Name’ to call myself. If that’s not sad, I don’t know what is 🙂

    I often amaze myself at how much strife I find myself in without even meaning to. Can you imagine how much damage we could do if we actually went about trying to upset and offend people? Have a good day.

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