Guilted into it

My ex talked me into going to the 10-year-old’s school assembly yesterday.

She was getting a special badge after being awarded three merit certificates during the year for upholding the values of the school. Kindness, thoughtfulness, that sort of thing.

The youngest told me it was totally unnecessary to attend because “everyone gets one during the year”. She begged me to tell her dad not to go either.

As if!

My ex was determined to be there. He talked the 10-year-old into letting us both attend.

I still thought I wouldn’t go … busy week … But mother guilt got the better of me.

So I bolted off from work at 1.45pm and skidded into the playground with minutes to spare.

My ex and I had a quick natter before the official proceedings about the eldest becoming a teen next week: what we should give her, where we should go for dinner, what time I could get to his place …

Then the youngest got to her feet with the other year 5 winners and silence fell over the assembled masses … Until the youngest’s name was called out.

Her dad shouted “woo-hoo!” at the top of his voice. Heads swivelled, people giggled, the youngest screwed her face up in absolute horror.

My ex and I laughed and laughed together.

And I was grateful – yet again – that we can share the joy of our kids and their achievements.

Oh, and that he talked me into going.

I think she was secretly chuffed that we were both there.

I snuck off early, thinking I would give the eldest a surprise lift home from high school.

If I thought the look on the youngest’s face post-woo-hoo was bad …

“Muuuuum, what are you DOING here?”

“Um, offering you a lift home …”

“I’d rather walk.”

Oh. OK.

But she grudgingly allowed the embarrassing old person to walk out of the school grounds with her and drive her home.

Mum life.

My advice to parents of pre-teens: make the most of their joy at being with you in public while you can. They grow up WAY too fast.

Do you mortify your kids?

Song of the day: The Police “Don’t stand so close to me” (OK, only the title matches, but great song)




5 thoughts on “Guilted into it

  1. Super cute! They grow up fast. Our 10 yo announced in May that he wasn’t taking cupcakes for school this year, not really the done thing, mum. I was pretty devastated, after years of getting a broken head doing cupcakes for school on birthday morning, I didn’t have to and I was upset about it! I made them anyway, for recess.

  2. The good things it that on the other side they will choose to spend time with you again – you just have to be able to wait it out.

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