Well THAT was sneaky

The eldest has a painting in a student art exhibition, so we went to the opening last night to check it out.

There was champagne and sushi and everything. Very posh.

The eldest’s work is based on Sidney Nolan’s bushranger series. I think she did an awesome job.

The youngest refused to go because a) it would be boring and b) she was too busy mainlining season 3 of Full House.

(I totally blew her mind when I told her that her favourite character, Michelle, was played by TWINS! I knew my vast celebrity knowledge would come in handy some day, oh the stories I know about the Olsen twins.)

As I stood admiring the eldest’s painting at the exhibition the youngest texted to ask if I’d put her sport shorts in the washing machine.

I dunno. Random!

When we got home she seemed a bit shifty and kept moaning about how long the washing cycle was taking.

When it finally finished she bolted off to the laundry and returned triumphantly holding her FitBit aloft.

“It still works!”

Turns out she’d accidentally left it in her sport shorts pocket, realised they were in the washing machine and started frantically Googling whether FitBits could survive a full cycle.

Apparently they sometimes can.

I packed the fortunate creature off to bed and texted her dad to tell him about the narrowly avoided tragedy.

Her dad did his own spot of Googling and told me I should put the FitBit in a bag of rice just to be sure it totally dried out.

So I stuck my head in the 10-year-old’s darkened bedroom and asked for the FitBit so I could put it in some rice.

“It already is,” she trilled, holding up a bag of sushi rice she snuck from the pantry and giving it a shake.

She cracks me up that kid. Such a big character in a little body.

Her dad cracked up too when I reported back.

He’s arriving first thing this morning to take the kids to visit their cousins for the weekend. I’m going to take advantage of the peace and quiet to scrub and paint the kitchen/family room.

Totally blah way to spend a weekend, but gotta get it done. Besides DD’s endured a horror week of overseas travel and will be crashing straight in his bed when he finally arrives home so he’d be no fun anyway.

I might not get a chance to blog tomorrow depending on how bogged down I get with paint brushes.

So, have an awesome weekend and I’ll catch you on Monday.

Song of the day: The Go Gos “Our lips are sealed”


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