Do you ever worry about this?

There’s a lot of pressure on my Saturdays … Well … it’s mainly inside my own head.

After a busy working week, the kids and I get one relaxed day together before they head to their dad’s on Sunday.

It should be a change to spend some “quality” time. But, every Sunday I wake up feeling like I’ve blown it and haven’t made the most of that precious day.

I go for a walk first thing with a couple of local mums while the eldest sleeps (sometimes until noon) and the youngest watches Full House reruns on her iPad.

I feel guilty about that walk, but I get so little time to exercise/catch up these days.

Then the rest of Saturday gets consumed by tidying the apocalypse in the kitchen, grocery shopping and washing school uniforms.

There’s also the fact I feel so comprehensively shattered. I tell myself I should be pitching the badminton net in the backyard but I just want to curl up on the couch with some caffeine.

Yesterday, I shook off the lassitude and we headed to my sister’s house to cool off in her pool together. Well, that was the plan. The water was a bit nippy for me. The youngest frolicked with her cousin. I took a few action shots and the eldest refused to swim, preferring to play on her phone.

It didn’t feel like “quality” time with my kids, though the youngest had a blast.

Then it was home for pizza and a movie.

I felt like I’d missed yet another opportunity for something meaningful.

All too soon the kids will be off with their friends on weekends.

And I’m scared I won’t have made enough of the precious years I had when they wanted to hang out with their mum.

The days of playing and craft and going to the park have already passed.

Wow that happens fast.

So, I’m wondering, is it just me or do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough, being enough?

Here are some pool snaps …

12 thoughts on “Do you ever worry about this?

  1. Yes, you will ALWAYS feel like “you’re not doing enough or being enough” and will do for the rest of your life! It’s the nature of life!
    And Pinky is spot on…we often forget just how much we do with, and for, our children and others.

      • Funny you should ask this because I had a chat with my brother just the other day about our Mum.
        He said she has become quite melancholy lately and, at 82 years old, she was asking him whether she had a been a good mother to us as we 3 kids grew up!
        And of course she did a good job…we had a very happy childhood. My brother was a mongrel of a teenager though, causing all sorts of trouble!🙄
        That being said, I’m sure some mothers are more anxious than others…

  2. It’s not just you, I feel it too, totally, but I think as Geoff says, it’s the nature of life, and we often forget what we DO do. Don’t feel guilty about the walk – the exercise/catch up gives you “life oxygen” and you have to fit your own oxygen mask first remember, and you’re setting a good example to your girls on making that time to look after your health (mental and physical).

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