Food for thought

It still confounds me that someone who was so obsessed with cooking … me … doesn’t care  any more.

The kids and I generally rotate between a few favourites: spag bol, home crumbed salmon and baked fries, chicken stir-fry …

Pre marriage failure I was constantly in the kitchen experimenting. I was a professional food blogger. I created elaborate party menus. I loved hosting three-course dinners for friends.

I have THE most epic collection of cookbooks piled up in the TV room. I rarely flip their pages any more.

But something caught my eye on Instagram yesterday that reignited the tiniest of foodie flames inside me: a blog called Hungry Couple.

Hungry Couple is Anita, “a writer, photographer, recipe developer, cook, bottle washer, shaker of creative cocktails, recovering Madison Avenue wiz-bang, occasional news junkie and doggie mama.”

I’m thinking Anita speaks my tastebuds’ language. Next week I’m going to put a few of her recipes to the test and find out for sure.

I have my eye on these:


French Onion Mac & Cheese


Mexican Tortilla Pie


Butternut Pumpkin & Parmesan Lasagne


Meatballs Stroganoff

What’s your favourite source for recipes these days?

Song of the day: Mental as Anything “Let’s cook”


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