Sneaky spaghetti (and celeb election shock)

I really need to organise things better. I flew to Melbourne for work yesterday and didn’t allow any time for socialising.

What the???

My lovely sister-in-law and my former Woman’s Day deputy editor both live in the city – among other mates – but I won’t be able to catch up with anyone.

SUCH a waste of a free airfare.

I’ll add it to the list of things I’m blaming on the flu.

I’m in Melbourne to help launch the Victorian Chapter of Women in drinks. It sounds like a drinking club but it’s actually a group for women who work in the drinks industry and want to create more diversity.

I’m in town with my co-worker Kathy. We both caught swine flu from our boss two weeks ago and still feel pretty crap, so we had an embarrassingly early dinner at a spaghetti place on Lygon Street and went straight back to the hotel to sleep.

I don’t think I’d have felt much like socialising anyway given the horrifying election results in the US.

What the HELL were people thinking?

Obviously nothing intelligent. Fark! This is like some terrible joke or a nightmare I want to wake up from.

But life goes on in the face of the incomprehensible and hopefully the world doesn’t descend into Hunger Games territory.

I’m a bit nervous about the eldest being on a school band excursion to America next month. Eeeeek. Do you think travel insurance covers you for America electing a revolting, dangerous fool as President?

I’ve also lost the desire to travel there myself.

Anyways, this morning kicks off at 7am at Alphington, then we’ll do a few work appointments and hop back on the plane to Sydney so I can collect the dogs from Marlene the sitter and the youngest from skipping then feed the kids gawd knows what for dinner because the cupboards are bare.

I am SO looking forward to the weekend and trying to restore a bit of order to my life after a crazy few weeks juggling sickness, motherhood and work.

What’s your go-to easy family meal when you haven’t had time to shop? I may head to the BBQ chook shop AGAIN …

And here are some of the stunned things celebs have had to say about the Trump result on Instagram – gallery is crappy because I’m doing it on my iPhone:

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