Open for inspection

I’m having a few friends over tonight for nibbles and drinks to thank them for helping me decorate the bowlo for my 50th birthday party.

It’s also a chance to show them the the results of decorating I’ve been doing at home. Some have never seen my place before because I’ve been too embarrassed by its humble appearance.

But I think I’m finally pulling it together. It’s not fancy, but it’s eccelctic and fun.

I used to entertain like nobody’s business in the family home. We were renowned for throwing Christmas gatherings and dinner parties and Australia Day discos and endless brekkie barbecues.

They slowly ebbed away along with our love.

And then it all felt a bit too hard on my own, though I rallied for a housewarming at my rental place prior to becoming a home owner again. And then there was my 50th just recently. So I’m getting my skin back in the game.

I quite love putting on a good night for people, especially one with dancing.

There won’t be dancing tonight, but there will be a few laughs. It’s also a chance for DD to get to know people. Much like my house, some guests have barely spoken to him, despite us being together for almost four years.

The whole single parent busy job long distance relationship thing hasn’t left much time for socialising.

But, since it looks like we might be keeping each other – though you can never be too certain of anything in this baggage filled world – I think it’s time for to get to know the clan better.

I hope you have some fun stuff planned for your weekend too – catch you next week!

Song of the day: Robbie Williams “Let me entertain you”

2 thoughts on “Open for inspection

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  1. How exciting for you. I love entertaining but my inner introvert has had me hiding for a very long time. Plus the longer we live in our falling down (and now bug infested) house the more embarrassed by it I become. I know my friends aren’t coming for my house they are coming for me it is so silly the feelings I have.
    So glad you are getting back into the entertaining game and how happy you must be that DD looks to be sticking around xoxo

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