Sneaking in the special moments

My new life may sometimes overwhelm me with its challenges, but there are so many moments that fill my heart with joy.

And last Friday morning was one of them.

I stood on the headland at Avalon, sipping a strong flat white from a converted Kombi coffee van with DD, watching the sun rise.

Geez it was nice.

It was probably a mistake to have a second strong flat white because I started talking manically about us becoming property moguls and building an apartment block by the sea and living in the penthouse on top and then felt a bit queasy until lunchtime, but generally it was bloody awesome.

It got even better when we went for a dip in the surf at 7am.

What a divine way to start the day!

I really must duck up for a sneaky morning swim more often.

Then I headed to work and wrote about booze for seven or so hours, while chilling lots of said booze in my fridge for the little soiree I threw on Friday night in my newly styled hacienda.

The place is filled with a motley collection of Kmart, Bunnings, Spotlight and IKEA bits and bobs, but I feel so happy when I survey my humble kingdom.

I made waaaaaaay too much food for the soiree. People ate practically nothing. My fridge is bulging with leftovers.

All the beer and sausage rolls went though.

It was a bulk fun night – lots of smiling faces, DD looked sooooo handsome, the dogs behaved themselves (they were a bit freaked out by all the action – they’re not used to parties) and the last guests left at 11pm!

Speaking of spunky DD, I dropped him at the airport last night – he’s flying to a two-day conference in France. That sounds very glamorous in theory, but it’s actually pretty hideous sitting on a plane for 24 hours, landing waaay outside Paris, transferring another hour or so into the countryside to pow-wow, then repeating the horror in reverse 48 hours later.

Normally he’d try and sneak in a side trip to see his brother in the UK, but he’s a solo dad at the moment, so he has to bolt home again ASAP. While he’s gone his mum is holding the fort. She turned 80 on Saturday and is amazingly sprightly. Her birthday request was a night at the opera watching La Boheme with her family. I made my excuses on that one … me and opera, nah …

Besides, I’ve already seen it. Back in my early 20s I interviewed Baz Luhrmann for Studio Magazine. He was just starting out on his amazing career journey and preparing to stage a game-changing new version of La Boheme.

I was lucky enough to score free tickets. Once was enough though.

The youngest and I baked Grannie Heather a birthday cake on Sunday morning and took it up to DD’s place so she could blow out the candles … after we all hit the beach for an glorious autumn dip.

Grannie Heather bought her first cossie in decades about a year ago and adores a splash at the beach.

All in all a pretty fab few days, other than my sad goodbye at the airport.

How was your weekend?

Song of the day: Travis Mills “Young and Stupid”

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