That was a bit slack

Did you go to the Dawn Service?

The youngest was invited to a sleepover and visit to the local Dawn Service, where her skipping club were laying a book in lieu of a wreath.

At least two other Team Teal members went.

I selfishly said no.

I’ve spent the whole school holidays working while the kids have been left to fend for themselves. I didn’t want anything getting in the way of my only day off with them.

I knew a sleepover and an early start would leave the youngest feral with exhaustion.

I feel a bit guilty about that … which is pretty standard for me … guilt is my middle name. Actually, it’s a hyphenated middle name – Guilt-Regret.

The eldest was less sentimental about mum’s only day off and organised to catch up with a friend – I’m the taxi service at 10.30am.

Then the youngest and I are off to see a movie and have sushi train afterwards for lunch. We’re pretty excited – it’s been a long time between movies. The youngest generally isn’t keen on the cinema and would prefer a DVD and popcorn at home.

But I’m old-school and rely on the Oovie machine at my local shopping centre for entertainment, which has been broken the last few times I checked.

So we’re doing the old school thing. I got a movie voucher for my birthday from one of my lovely friends, so I offered the youngest Hoyts Lux. She said it was a waste of money and normal seats would be just fine. Oh-kay! Normal seats it is!

Don’t ask me what we’re going to see because it’s completely inappropriate for a 12-year-old … but she begged … I sense a little more guilt and regret coming on …

DD meanwhile has been giving a presentation on medical research in the Asia-Pacific region at a French chateau.

The chateau looks pretty spesh …

But the time difference sucks. I wake up as he goes to sleep, so the texting has been thin on the ground. He left me a few overnight telling me that the bit in his presentation where he got undressed was a big hit … I’m thinking he’s joking and he only pretended to get undressed …

I’ll get to the bottom of it eventually.

Medical presentations can be a bit dull, he likes to liven them up.

What does your day hold? Did you go to the Dawn Service?

Song of the day: Cold Chisel “Khe Sanh”




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  1. i didn’t get up hubby and 2 of the 3 kids went meanwhile i stayed home sleeping i felt a little bad about that but ANZAC day is a funny one for me my dead fiancé was 10yrs Navy so I find myself standing at dawn service with my husband (whom ive now been with longer than i knew Mark) crying for Mark and thinking about what could have been so unless i have to i avoid dawn service…

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