Sandra Bullock’s thighs just keep on giving

My favourite astronaut, Chris Hadfield, has given his verdict on Sandra Bullock’s performance in Gravity during a visit to “Conan” and it was typically awesome.

While he said that visually Gravity was the most realistic depictions of spacewalks ever, the scene where Sandra’s character takes off her spacesuit and floats around looking all smooth and sexy in black underwear and a tank top is waaaaay off the mark. (Click here to read my blog, I can’t stop thinking about Sandra Bullock’s thighs,  for my thoughts on the subject.)

“Inside our space suits, we’re wearing like a Halloween costume which is a liquid cooling garment,” Hadfield explained. “We’re wearing … big boy kind of Pull-Up diapers underneath. And you come out; you’ve been sweating in there for eight hours. Your hair looks like rat fur. We do not look like an underwear model when we come out.”

And, because I am weirdly attracted to Chris, moustache and all, click here to see the video clip of his interview (boo, I can’t find a version to embed). It’s hilarious.

For more Chris awesomeness, read (and watch) in a story I wrote for iVillage, called How Astronauts Clean Their Teeth … And Other Space Oddities.

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