Sandra Bullock’s thighs just keep on giving

My favourite astronaut, Chris Hadfield, has given his verdict on Sandra Bullock's performance in Gravity during a visit to "Conan" and it was typically awesome. While he said that visually Gravity was the most realistic depictions of spacewalks ever, the scene where Sandra's character takes off her spacesuit and floats around looking all smooth and sexy in black... Continue Reading →

I can’t stop thinking about Sandra Bullock’s thighs

Husband and I went to the IMAX theatre and saw Gravity the other night. He loved it, but immediately came home and started Googling all the technical inaccuracies in it. Geek boy. He's since fallen in man love with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who  saw the 3D space epic on Sunday and, while he “enjoyed Gravity very much,” couldn't... Continue Reading →

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