HouseGoesHollywood: nudey rudey

It’s Thanksgiving in America, so the stars have taken a holiday from being human headlines. But I’ve still managed to ferret out a few juicy bits and bobs. Enjoy!

Oh Abigail, no


She was the quirky, bespectacled kid in Little Miss Sunshine, but Abigail Breslin wants the world to know she’s all grown up and sexy.

The 17-year-old has posed topless for a photoshoot with the director of  her latest film,  Final Girl, Tyler Shields.

“I wanted to do something iconic with her, something simple but timeless,” Shields told E!. “She’s the perfect subject for something like this. Incredibly talented, beautiful actress but no one has ever seen her like this. There’s fun in that — showing someone to the world for the first time.”

Breslin herself told E!, “I don’t make these conscious decisions to do it to, like, prove to the world that I’m grown up. I think people see my work and see what I do and see that I’m grown up … I do want to try different things, but it’s all for fun.”


It’s not been the most positively received move. As one tweeter summed up: “Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), age 17, poses for semi nude pics, ala Miley Cyrus. Another sweet young girl bites the dust. So sad.”

Eva strips too


Eva Longoria appears on the cover of the December issue of Elle Spain completely nude apart from some strategically-placed Swarovski crystals.

The actress told Elle Spain she was “insecure” about having to strip down for the issue: “The only fear I had before doing the [crystallized] cover was being naked,” she added.

Zach’s awesome photobomb


Imagine posing for your wedding photos then realising you’d been photobombed by a celebrity!

Zach Braff happened to be walking past a couple posing on a pedestrian crossing in New York and cracked a grin for the shot.

“I might be mistaken but I think Zach Braff totally photobombed my newlywed couple. 🙂 #zachbraff #scrubs #photobomb,” Reinking Tweeted.

Hilaria shares a milestone


Hilaria Baldwin – wife of Alec – has posted a gorgeous pic of herself and her baby on Instagram with the caption: “Happy 3 months Carmen Gabriela! What a blessing you are.”

Kristen’s wedding brunch was sangers!


Kristen Bell has opened up about her quickie wedding to Dax Shepard during a Jay Leno interview.

“We wanted the lowest-key day possible,” she said.

But it almost didn’t happen after they filled out paperwork online, went to the courthouse to pick up their marriage license, then learned that they would need someone to officiate their union.

“They said, ‘No, you actually have to have someone ordaining you.'”

The couple frantically texted ordained friends, but no one was available, so someone in the courthouse finally volunteered to marry them.

“Then we got sandwiches and called it a day. We called that our wedding brunch.”

Renewed claims Rupert has shunned Tony

rupert-murdoch-wife-636 (1)
The Daily Mail is reporting that the friendship between Rupert Murdoch and Tony Blair has collapsed because of the former UK PM’s friendship with the media mogul’s ex, Wendi Deng.
Tony insists his relationship with Ms Deng is platonic, but Rupert has refused to speak to him since he filed for divorce.
According to the Daily Mail: “Sources close to Mr Murdoch in London say that staff at his home in California claimed Mr Blair and Ms Deng stayed there overnight at the same time on weekends in October 2012 and April this year, without Mr Murdoch’s knowledge … There is no suggestion by this newspaper of any impropriety by Mr Blair or Ms Deng. And Mr Blair’s friends have repeatedly denied he had an affair with Ms Deng.”
The Murdochs’ divorce was finalised by a US court last week.
Daily Mail quotes a close friend of Mr Blair saying: “Rupert Murdoch is putting out ridiculous stories about Wendi and Tony which are not true. It is the ravings of a sad old man.”
But a friend of Rupert’s said: “If you think that Rupert made a decision to end his marriage and a long-term friendship without just cause, you are sorely mistaken.”

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