Mad dogs and Frenchmen


I always thought the French attitude to dogs – poodles perched with their owners in bars, for example – was a bit whacked. Until I got my moodle.

Now I think it’s bloody brilliant. Because I want to take Charlie everywhere.

On Wednesdays Husband is usually mooching around the house, grudgingly cleaning up the “turdlets”. But Husband has been in Brissie most of the week handing out fancy certificates and having feisty meetings.

So I took Charlie to work.  Poor petal couldn’t be left on his own for 12 hours while I went to the office then the hairdresser.

It was a bit fraught from word go.

I decided I couldn’t face all the humiliating barking on the bus, so I drove into the city. And got lost. I finally arrived overwraught and sweaty at the office at 9.30am. Eeek.

Then the iVillage team decided we’d have a lunchtime ideas meeting downstairs at Bungalow 8. I snuck Charlie under the table closest to the garden that fringes the place. But the waitress spotted him and got very snippy about him only being allowed to stand in the garden, not on the tiles beside it.

A little tricky when Charlie’s preferred position at all times is draped across my chest. But we coped, as long as I kept drip-feeding bits of my fish fillet onto a leaf for him to nibble.

Then I took him to the hairdresser. Fortunately they were way more accepting than the bar. He sat contentedly on my lap while my hair was washed and then while it was cut.

There was a minor transgression in the car on the way home involving a rather long-held wee. But apart from that, his behaviour was exemplary.

I have to tell you, people are sooooo nice (apart from the Bungalow 8 waitress) when you have a puppy in  your arms. Everyone from Darlinghurst drunks to cute men on buses want to have a pat and chat. Some middle aged women on a recent bus trip were positively evangelical about how there should be more puppies on buses because they get people talking rather than everyone being buried in their electronic devices.

Anyways, back to Paris.

According to TripAdvisor:

Almost every bistro, restaurant and cafe welcomes dogs of all sizes. They will usually bring a cup of water.

Cafes and hotels do not seem to have any problem allowing dogs inside, although some hotels may charge a fee per dog per night!

Air France is a good option if travelling  with dogs. They will allow dogs under 4kg (including container) in the cabin.

The attitude isn’t totally foolproof:

One should consider that while the French claim to love dogs, they do not love them in their museums(understandable) or in their parks (not understandable).

That last bit makes not one iota of sense. But the rest is brilliant. Bring it on, I say (and so does Charlie).

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