Drinking for pleasure

You probably clicked on this post thinking it was about my meaningful relationship with alcohol, but nah. I’m talking about a liquid attraction of another kind: coffee. I spent the first 45 years of my life not understanding coffee and screwing my nose up if I accidentally encountered it in sweet things. I didn’t understand […]

Getting my part two

It’s my wedding anniversary today. Sixteen years. We won’t make it to 17. I’ll have hassled him into signing the paperwork by then. But right now we’re still married. I feel a bit weird and – unexpectedly – sad about that. Not because I wish we were together, or because we’re faffing around, but because […]

Not quite Nigella

I’ve been a bit naughty. The title of this post is stolen from a lovely blog called … Not Quite Nigella. (Check out her totally awesome site.) The reason I stole the title is that I spent ages wondering who I looked like in my new headshot adorning HouseGoesHome’s Facebook page. I finally realised I […]

My kind of therapy

An old flatmate got cross at me earlier this week for having the blues. She’s been going through a really tough time and thought I should be counting my blessings. I’m not sure counting your blessings has ever convinced someone to get off the ledge, has it? Not that I was on the ledge, but […]

Oh. Em. Effing. Gee

Remember those beans I mentioned … the ones I accidentally slow-cooked for 12 hours on Sunday … Well, yesterday morning before work I turned them into duck fat refried beans and rice. Oh-em-effing-gee they are amazing. Sooooo not diet food and very spicy, but bloody beautiful. The dish was sparked by the impulse purchase of […]

There’s no rhyme or reason

Yesterday was a funny one. Not funny ha-ha, though there were quite a few laughs. DD and I had burgers and a swim at Bilgola Beach, which was lovely, but also had its difficult moments. I was trying to explain to him why I’d been feeling up and down all week, but not really nailing […]

Too funky

I felt a bit too funky yesterday. Not in the George Michael or Jackson 5 kinda way. And not in the my-children-have-refused-to-shower-for-days kinda way. Those ways would be sooooo much better than the too funky in a funk kinda way that I was feeling. It was blerk. And I have no idea why I was […]

Am I “done” yet?

A week after husband left me I wrote a bit of a ra-ra-you-can-do-this blog post called “It’s time to regenerate.” It noted that my slate had been wiped clean and the world was my oyster, so there was no reason why I shouldn’t slurp it down (with a squeeze of lemon). I reminded myself I […]

The secret ingredient is love

As the kids sat watching Masterchef last night, I cooked homemade meat pies. They wouldn’t save me from elimination in a sudden death round. But the eldest drifted into the kitchen during an ad break and sweetly said: “How do you make your pies taste so good?” “The secret ingredient is love,” I joked. Actually, […]