Drinking for pleasure

You probably clicked on this post thinking it was about my meaningful relationship with alcohol, but nah.

I’m talking about a liquid attraction of another kind: coffee.

I spent the first 45 years of my life not understanding coffee and screwing my nose up if I accidentally encountered it in sweet things.

I didn’t understand the appeal of cafés with their boring toasted sandwiches and hot beverages. They just weren’t my scene. I’d sit there sipping my peppermint tea and wishing it was wine o’clock.

When I decided to try and distance myself from chemical-laced carbonated, caffeinated beverages I drank cold, caramel-infused coffee with stevia and lactose-free milk.

Well, swallowed it miserably.

It wasn’t very nice (understatement).

Then I met DD.

DD loves his coffee. And he’s turned me to the dark (roasted) side.

I realised my transformation was complete last week when I went to a work function asked for a “flat white” and was told there was “just coffee.”

“Just coffee” is a watery, boring thing.

Frothy flat whites are where it’s at. They’re DELICIOUS.

I’ve also given up on that stevia/lactose-free milk nonsense. Give me a teaspoon of raw sugar and full-cream milk, thank you very much. Then I’ll stir it with a spoon and lick it clean with relish.

I’ve taken to turning up at DD’s in the morning with a couple of regular flat whites that we sip companionably.

We’ll also sit in cafes pondering the big issues over a cuppa.

When we’re old and grey … well, older and greyer … I fantasise about us going for an ocean dip each morning, then settling into our favourite cafe for coffee and brekkie together before we amble home.

I tend to overthink … it drives DD a bit batty. Tomorrow is too far away for him to contemplate, let alone the distant future.

But my sweet dreams (and mad plans) are what’s always kept me going. Take those away and I start to wither like a plant that’s been denied the sun.

Ooops, I’ve digressed … back to coffee. Do you like it? How do you have it?

Song of the day: Seth Macfarlane “You’re the cream in my coffee”


7 thoughts on “Drinking for pleasure

  1. We have the best coffee in Orange jyst outside my office. Byng Street Store run the coffee cart at the hospital. It is also the social hub of the hospital and you can usually justofy your presence there by running into someone and talking shop. Such an addict, the staff all (there’s 6 of them) know my order. Skim latte – milk is a bit more stretched than an FW, but not frothy and topped with choc like a cap! Tim is a serious addict -short black or long black at home. Sometimes a cap when we are out, and Dare iced coffee milk on his way hime from the school run -he’s been drinking that since we worked in the canteen together at high school.

  2. can’t touch the stuff. Lays me out flat and then takes me two weeks to get better (I am not exaggerating). But I love the smell of a good coffee. Give me a soy hot chocolate anyday (I love full cream milk, but soy goes well with other beans, such as coffee and cocoa).

  3. A day without coffee is a day wasted. And coffee has to be made for you to be really good. I even managed to find a cafe open on Christmas day to fuel this driving addiction.

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