Too funky

I felt a bit too funky yesterday.

Not in the George Michael or Jackson 5 kinda way. And not in the my-children-have-refused-to-shower-for-days kinda way.

Those ways would be sooooo much better than the too funky in a funk kinda way that I was feeling.

It was blerk.

And I have no idea why I was feeling so down.

The endless caffeine I swallowed – as I played Connect 4 and Battleship with the youngest – had no impact on my mood.

Then the youngest handed me a lifeline by asking to go paddle boarding. No funk can survive paddle boarding. But she wanted a little friend to come along – just boring old mum wasn’t going to cut it – and I couldn’t find one at short notice, so she canned it.

I eventually talked her into a bushy walk with the dogs, which hit the spot.

It was so lovely in the mid-afternoon sun, gazing out over Sydney’s gorgeous Middle Harbour.

It’s impossible (for me) to feel blah while walking in the midst of such beauty.

We went home and made gingerbread men … and ate all the dodgy ones … there were lots of dodgy ones.

Then I invited myself over to my sister’s house for pizza and a spa. I am very lucky to have my sister living so close.

We sat chatting in her spa for hours and I felt much, much better afterwards.

Today is a new day, filled with endless possibilities. I woke – at 6.15am when DD sent me a Facebook message … ooops, I’d forgotten to turn the sound off on my phone – and could feel the sadness niggling again inside.

But I thought, no, I will not succumb.

So I smiled and decided I was going to live and love my Sunday to the full. It’s not usually that simple to put the blahs in their place, but it seems to have worked.

I hope you have something fun planned for such gorgeous – at least in Sydney – May weather.

Check out my happy snaps …

Song of the day: George Michael “Too Funky”


5 thoughts on “Too funky

  1. I hope you have a beautiful Sunday Alana. It’s wonderful what exercise, and also sister-time can do. My sister is visiting us in Canberra this weekend so we too have been having great chats. And it’s a gorgeous sunny day here too. Here’s to feeling funky-of-the-Jackson 5 variety very soon!xo

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