Not quite Nigella

I’ve been a bit naughty.

The title of this post is stolen from a lovely blog called … Not Quite Nigella. (Check out her totally awesome site.)

The reason I stole the title is that I spent ages wondering who I looked like in my new headshot adorning HouseGoesHome’s Facebook page.

I finally realised I was rocking a Nigella Lawson vibe … serene smile, pillowy bosom and mildly seductive in a middle-aged English sort of way.

The feeling was confirmed when an English bloke commented on Facebook that I looked “very fetching.” “Fetching” is a very Nigella word, don’t you think.

Actually, the portrait attracted more likes and comments on Facebook than just about anything HouseGoesHome has ever posted.

People said lovely things such as: “Gorgeous – looking so happy!” and “Awesome photo – looking smoking hot!” and “Wowza…” and “Luv ur hair like that.”

It was lovely to get the positive feedback, as I felt like a train had hit me yesterday. I got up at 5am so I could be waiting at a petrol station on the highway at 6am for a lift to the SCG for my first drinks association network breakfast.

The breakfast featured eggs benedict … oh … and the chief economist from the NAB talking about the Federal Budget.

He was quite fun for an economist. He said the biggest X factor for the future of the drinks industry was Donald Trump, because if he got elected “he might drive people to drink a bit more!”

Eleven hours after that pre-dawn pick-up, I left the office and tottered home. Luckily someone asked where I’d parked my car that morning, otherwise I’d have headed in totally the opposite direction and been very peeved when I finally realised my mistake.

Anyways, back to my Nigella-like portrait. I used to get fancy photographs taken of myself all the time when I was a magazine editor … not so much these days. Make that not at all.

I’ve had nothing suitable to put on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook etc for the past five years.

That was until my divine friend Franki Hobson at 5 Things I Know About asked to interview me and offered to tag me onto the end of a photo shoot she was having for her website.

The miracle worker behind the camera was Simona Janek, a lovely photographer from Sydney’s Inner West. She knew all the tricks for making a saggy, middle-aged woman look better in photos, like stretching my neck up and jutting my chin forward slighty, choosing my better side, complimenting me on my smile and giving tips on how to pose in a flattering manner.

The photos only took a few minutes and she was fabulous at taking the awkwardness out of the situation – give her a buzz on 0414 525 027 if you fancy being glamorized.

Thank you everyone who follows HouseGoesHome on Facebook for being so kind about the results.

And, because my brain is still all mushed from yesterday, I’m going to stop blathering now and show you a hodge-podge of photos …

Song of the day: Goldfrapp “Oooh La La”



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