Dear Jenny: Playboy shoots aren’t “classy”

OK, so I’m feeling a bit behind the eight ball, having blogging about Jenny McCarthy appearing in Playboy for Village Voices this week, what with Katie Holmes divorcing Tom Cruise. Fark! That’s HUGE. The weekly mags will be going CRAZY with excitement. Anyway, when I wrote about Jenny – which was posted at Village Voices at 6pm last night, but I forgot to let you know – Katie was still drafting her bombshell statement. So if you fancy a rest from all the Tom and Katie upheaval, pop over to Village Voices to read what I have to say about Jenny, Jenny, Jenny (why, why, why?) …  I’m very purse-lipped, it’s quite fun …

One thought on “Dear Jenny: Playboy shoots aren’t “classy”

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  1. Madonna and the book ‘sex’, ok, she was closer to 30. It was a joke, but didn’t do much harm. Good on Jenny. Playboy is a bit slutty, but well done for getting the kit off. I hope not too much photoshop was used, but then again, if it’s better on the eyes?

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