Orange alert

Remember how my car shuddering like it was Apollo 11 re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere whenever I used the brakes?

Well, it turns out there were several problems with the brakes, including a leaking thingamajig that could have resulted in them failing.

Of course.

So it cost me $1600 yesterday to get the effing orange money pit on wheels fixed.

Of course.

I am very unhappy about still having the Renault Captur after the many, many, many ways it has almost killed me, but it’s hard to get a car loan when you’re a freelance journalist.

It’s also hard to pay $1600 to have your car repaired when you’re a freelance journalist, just months after paying than $3000 for my contribution to its new engine.

I would say it’s unbelievable, but it’s actually all too believable.

I was feeling pretty wrecked yesterday from over scheduling my weekend, so I didn’t have much fight in me when the Renault service centre called with the unhappy news. I just said fine and asked if it could be ready by 2pm so I could take the youngest to work and pick up the eldest’s major work from school.

They assured me the car would be ready, then stopped answering the phone/screening their calls. At 2.30pm I decided to walk to the repair centre so I could stare them down in person.

On the way, I heard a couple of yahoos hoon past me – I looked up and it was the mechanics giving my shite box a spin. I took that as a positive sign the car was roadworthy.

At 3.15pm, I finally handed over my credit card and raced off to become a mum taxi in my orange lemon.

I always tell myself “what else could go wrong with it?” And it somehow finds new ways to fail me.

Repeat after me: never buy a Renault, never buy a Renault, never buy a Renault …

Song of the day: Split Enz “I hope I never”

5 thoughts on “Orange alert

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      1. Surely that’s partly due to the amount u have had to spend fixing it. How’s about we coordinate an anti Renault fb page… Rofl

  1. Oh no, I’m feeling sick and guilty all over again! I can’t believe how unlucky you’ve been with that car! 🥴😢

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