I need your help

I’m already having serious doubts about the sanity of what I’m about to tell you, but it’s too late to write another blog post.

So here goes …

Ever since I wrote about granfluencers yesterday, ideas have been bouncing around in my head like a pinball machine.

Among the mad schemes currently jostling for funding via a lottery win in my crowded brain are a shop, a bar and a renovation. I can’t afford any of them, dammit, so I need to do something that involves minimal outlay.

I’m pretty sure the granfluencers just put themselves out there and fate took care of the rest, so …

I’ve decided to give The Thirsty Travellers a red hot go as a travel website.

Have you visited the site? I launched it a few months before COVID-19 struck and the rest … as they say … is pandemic history.

But I’ve still managed to publish a few posts along the way, including my series on Cruising The Kimberley – click here to read the first article in the series, which links through to the rest.

It’s not the best timing for ramping up another website, as I’m flat out like a Kimberley rock monitor lizard drinking, but Drinks Digest and The Thirsty Travellers are my passions. I created both websites from scratch and have poured countless hours into writing content for them, so it seems a bit silly not to ramp things up.

Drinks Digest is a bit more focused on the drinks trade than consumers (though I write stories for them too) and not everyone drinks alcohol, whereas everyone loves a holiday … so …

I was wondering if you can give me your thoughts.

Do you think there’s a niche for a travel website for people at my … er ..: stage of life … ie middle aged and above?

And do you have any ideas on how I can improve The Thirsty Travellers to make it more clickable?

Also, I need momentum. And that’s where I was thinking you could help me.

I was hoping, pretty please, that anyone out there who hasn’t followed The Thirsty Travellers on Facebook could do me a favour and click the “like” button.

Click here for the link

Or this: https://www.facebook.com/thethirstytravellers

Or click on this:

Still not working? Some people are having trouble with the link, weirdly. If so, look up The Thirsty Travellers on Facebook. The logo looks like this:

It would also be fab if you could like a few posts on the The Thirsty Travellers Facebook page as it’s a bit of a graveyard.

Thank you!

I also hastily created an Instagram account late last night. Click here to give it some love. And I got two likes in the first five minutes … and two scam messages … I’ll be a viral travel granfluencer in no time!

The reality is that building up brands on social media is a bugger of a job without a marketing budget, but I do love a challenge.

And I have a few little adventures on the horizon … stay tuned …

Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Song of the day: Frank Sinatra “Come fly with me”

2 thoughts on “I need your help

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  1. Not sure the age range you would cover. But I have friends, both single and married in their sixties and seventies who are extremely interested in travel. They typically have a skiing holiday and two sunny holidays every year.

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