The closest I get to zen

I forgot I’d been invited on a Christmas lights night walk last night with friends … and accidentally sat sipping Pinot Grigio on the sand at sunset instead.

Poor me!

The beach sojourn wasn’t festive, but it was so lovely and peaceful. I felt much better for it.

The reason for my brain snap was that it was my final chance for some time alone with DD until after Christmas. More than a dozen members of his family start arriving today from the four corners of the earth – well, New Zealand, UK and Hong Kong – for an Aussie celebration by the sea.

So, I asked what DD fancied for dinner – curried sausages … you can take the boy out of Maitland – cooked a pot and headed up the coast.

He was sweating at a gym class until 7.45pm, so I did a bit of solo sipping and view admiring while I waited for him to finish.

I love hearing the waves crash and immersing myself in their salty goodness.

When DD arrived we plunged into the water for a quick dip before dark. It was glorious to watch the sun set as we floated in the sea. DD lives in a pretty amazing part of the world, lucky him.

The evening very therapeutic in the midst of mad Christmas shopping and prepping and working and socialising and generally trying to cram too much in as usual. I felt the closest I ever get to zen – all the stress and worry and overthinking just slipped away.

I hope there will be many more nights like it before summer ends.

Here are some happy snaps:

Song of the day: KC & The Sunshine Band “That’s the way I like it”




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