Such a fraud

I hesitated for a moment before posting a set of happy snaps on Facebook yesterday. They were captioned: “About last night … Carols By The Sea.” I started to add “The kids may look like they’re having a ball but they hated it.” Then I edited the words out and stuck with Facebook’s traditional fairy floss […]

Guns, girls and airfare gambling

Geez this time of year is nuts. I went to two Christmas parties yesterday and I’m going to another one today. That sounds all very fabulous dahling, but I’m still a bit knackered from my never ending virus, so I’ve struggled through the festivities. The first party was my work Christmas lunch. Michelle from accounts […]

I too must bork

Are you a crazy dog lady? I’m a crazy dog lady. I have two small and very annoying fur babies who are totally obsessed with me … I may be totally obsessed with them too. When I come home from work, they’re perched on the back of the sofa, peering out the front window, waiting […]

Days of miracle and wonder

My baby is going to high school! I can’t believe I took her to the orientation yesterday. She insisted her dad drop her off to my place and he wasn’t allowed to come along. Apparently attending high school orientation is a mum job. He’s going to pay her back by appearing uninvited at her school […]

Stronger than you seem

The past week or so has been pretty challenging. Illness, insomnia, hormones and a few major life events have collided with considerable force. I can’t blog about the major life events so I’m going to ramble slightly incoherently instead. Here goes … Quite belatedly, my mind has been blown by A.A. Milne. You don’t expect […]

Thankfully it was “negative”

Something you don’t expect to do at almost-50 is pee into a little plastic jar so your doctor can check if you are pregnant. My life, never dull. I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday. I told him I was crook as Rookwood … but that wasn’t why I was there. Not much can be […]

Every day brings new surprises

Who’d have thought writing a blog post – in 2013 – about being lectured by “Mrs Geoffrey Rush” would result in two calls from two household name journalists before 8.30am on a Thursday morning as I was scouring the aisles of Kmart for a do-it-yourself advent calendar. Wow, there’s a lot to unpack in that […]