Such a fraud

I hesitated for a moment before posting a set of happy snaps on Facebook yesterday.

They were captioned: “About last night … Carols By The Sea.”

I started to add “The kids may look like they’re having a ball but they hated it.”

Then I edited the words out and stuck with Facebook’s traditional fairy floss confection of half-truths.

And lots of friends ‘liked’ the photos and I felt like a fraud for pretending we’d all had a blast.

Post marriage separation I’ve rediscovered my childlike delight in the world. I was desperate to go to a Christmas carol night and disappointed when our local one was cancelled due to rain, so I dragged the kids to Avalon.

I was thrilled to settle into a folding chair and listen to a gospel choir sing carols as the waves crashed behind me, sipping verdehlo and waiting for the fireworks.

OK, I was a little startled when I went to get fish and chips and the potato scallops were $6, but I ponied up for one and it turned out to be this …

Which almost made it worth the price – and the calories – but not quite.

However, I’ve realised that 11 and 14 year olds have temporarily lost their childlike delight, so they’re not excited by candles and carols and Santa. Especially when they don’t know a soul there. The eldest wore headphones the whole night and listened to anything other than carols and the youngest moaned constantly about being bored and cold.

And there wasn’t even the slightest squeak of excitement about visiting the local Christmas lights street afterwards despite it having a giant blow up Yoda Santa.

A giant blow up Yoda Santa!

Wot eva, mum.

Unlike Yoda, I was quite deflated as I drove home.

But in the photos I put up on Facebook we look like we had THE BEST NIGHT EVER.


Facebook lies.

Song of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Little lies”

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