Guns, girls and airfare gambling

Geez this time of year is nuts.

I went to two Christmas parties yesterday and I’m going to another one today. That sounds all very fabulous dahling, but I’m still a bit knackered from my never ending virus, so I’ve struggled through the festivities.

The first party was my work Christmas lunch. Michelle from accounts took lots of photos, but I can’t show you most of them because I look seven months pregnant.

Here’s one where I look vaguely less fat (still not much chin definition though):

Must. Go. On. Diet … After. Christmas.

We went to Nick’s Seafood at Cockle Bay. The enormous sticky date pudding I had for dessert didn’t help with the looking seven months pregnant thing.

Then I headed to the Team Teal skippers Christmas dinner at our local pub. I was so stuffed from having steak and pud at lunch that I only managed half a quinoa and pumpkin salad for dinner.

The mums sipped chardy and madly discussed plans for flying to Shanghai in July for the World Skipping Championships, while the dads drank shiraz and discussed gawd knows what at the other end of the table.

One mum was clever enough to book her flights earlier this week and got a $380 fare there! When she told me on Tuesday I jumped on line and spent too long agonising over when I should fly there and back – before my very eyes the fare suddenly jumped to $598. Noooooo!

There’s only one direct Qantas flight into Shanghai every day and I figure the whole Aussie skipping team will be trying to get on the one that gets in the day before the competition starts, which means prices are unlikely to go down. So I bit the bullet on Wednesday and booked.

I’m not going to check the Qantas site again … because if the prices do drop I might pop a gasket.

I can’t tell you how horrified I was to lose $500 in 30 minutes by dithering. OK, I can: very, very horrified.

But I will just have to blank it out and move on.

While we pubbed the eldest learnt to shoot a gun during a Scout trip to a rifle range.

As you do.

The eldest looooooved shooting and has kept a bullet casing as a cherished souvenir.

Let’s add that to the loooooong list of things I will just have to blank out and move on from.

Song of the day: Kenny Rogers “The Gambler”






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