Things you shouldn’t fear

Phobias are weird, irrational things. When I was a kid, tall buildings felt like they were swaying when I was standing on the upper levels – I would feel this irresistible urge to crawl across the floor for safety.

Fortunately I’ve mostly conquered that phobia. But others have taken its place. Like this one …

Doronophobia is an irrational fear of opening gifts. The fear usually traces back to the childhood. Sufferers would believe that what’s inside the gifts may be undesirable or even hazardous. He/she may dread when receiving gifts and panic when he/she opens the gift.” – Phobia Wiki

Yep, there’s a Phobia Wiki.

There’s also “doronophobia” … and I’m pretty sure I have it.

Not in a debilitating way, but I find opening gifts in front of others uncomfortable and stressful.

It’s a bit mean of me because I love buying other people gifts and seeing their joy at the contents.

But having all eyes on me as I open presents fills me with dread. Always has.

I think it’s why I tell people not to worry about giving me gifts. I’m much more thrilled with the gifts of “experiences” – my sister and I gave each other tickets to Robbie Williams for Christmas – or touching messages in cards.

Exhibit A: My Christmas card from the youngest

I love that stuff.

Mind you, DD gave me a very thoughtful gift: a black boxy computery thing to replace the ailing one I currently wrestle to work on. Sometimes I need to turn it off and on eight times before icons appear on the screen.

When you’re in social media for a living and blogging for a hobby a functioning computer is pretty vital. I can’t wait to get the new one up and running.

Anyhoo … Did you have a good Christmas. Mine was lovely … aside from the sessions of gift-opening dread.

(I think my dog may have doronophobia too. He took each gift from his Christmas stocking individually and ran into the other room to examine it privately before rejoining everyone gathered around the tree.)

Anyways, enough about my crazy brain. Here’s how the Household celebrated …

The clan gathered at Balmoral on Christmas Eve for nibbles and sparkling wine and beach cricket.


DD popped down for a little while with a few family members, whose heads hurt slightly as we explained that the little one running around was my sister’s ex-husband’s baby (as he was extravagantly cuddled and adored by my sister and her new husband).

Being pragmatic about marriage break ups must be genetic.

On Christmas morning, my ex popped over for brekkie and presents. (Megan E & D – if you’re reading this I got him Firefly the BOARDGAME!)

Then we headed to my sister’s for a lovely lunch on her fabulous deck.

Then I ducked up to DD’s extended family celebration for a brief hello.

Then it was back to my sister’s place for a glass of sparkling in the spa.


I’m loving having a bit of time off work – I’ve been sleeping until the outrageously late hour of around 6.20am. Very unlike me!

The next few days will be spent pottering and lazing and swimming.

I won’t know myself!

BUT … I wanted to send love and best wishes to my friends who are in the holiday trenches. One had a terrible accident with her horse on Christmas eve and has broken bones and teeth.

Another’s father has had a heart attack and she’s quarantined alone in her house with an awful flu.

Others have battled through the festive season estranged from their kids due to ugly divorce shite.

My heart hurts for them all and I hope 2018 brings happier times.

Do you have doronophobia or am I the only weirdo among us?

Song of the day: Ed Sheeran and Andrea Bocelli “Perfect Symphony” (my brother in law’s new fave Xmas song)





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  1. Firefly the board game…???
    Did u open & it have a play 1st? I would be SOOO tempted… lol
    & Yes, I read your blog every day… lol

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