One isn’t enough

It’s not often you text the words “I’m thinking only buying one fart gun was an error of judgement” to your partner.

But that’s Christmas for you … filled with the frantic purchase of crazy stuff that people don’t really need.

And now I’m wondering if I need to brave the shops again for more fart guns. I have this nervous feeling that the fart gun might be the gift of the day and if only one kid gets one there might be anarchy …

I have bought many other questionable things as gifts this year, but I can’t tell you about them right now because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

The kids also did a bit of spending of their own yesterday on gifts for themselves. My ex wanted to know if the eldest’s purchase of a Leatherman knife using birthday money interfered with Santa sack contents. I could safely say “no” there weren’t any knives in the sack.

My Christmas gift shopping is virtually done, just a few bits and bobs to go. The dogs’ Christmas stockings still need to be filled, I totally forgot about them in the human rush.

I was soooo tempted to buy a Nerf bazooka at Pet Stock yesterday that shoots tennis balls for your doggo to chase. But it was $50 freaking dollars so I stayed strong and walked away.

A Nerf bazooka that shoots tennis balls for your doggo! Genius!

And now I move on to the Christmas food shopping. My sister and I will be splitting the catering as we settle onto her back deck for the day. I’m thinking we’ll keep it pretty simple: baked ham, prawns, salad, that sort of thing. The youngest has requested potato salad – she reckons her paternal grandmother makes the best-ever one, so I’ve requested the recipe. My sister is also making the bold move of not having a Christmas pudding this year as three of the eight people around the table don’t eat it.

It’s my year to have the kids, so they’ll be around for lunch and dinner. My ex and I had considered them going to his place for dinner, but he figured they’ll be full as googs after lunch and I’ll need them back for Boxing Day, when we’re heading to the Northern Beaches to say hello to DD’s extended family. DD’s family happen to be staying at the same camping ground as the youngest’s best friend, so she’s stoked. She’s also stoked because they have PADDLE BOARDS! The youngest loves a stand-up paddle board.

And then the kids’ dad will grab take them to visit their cousins in Port Stephens for a few days.

And I will flirt with the idea of spring cleaning the house before ditching that crazy idea in favour of lying around and doing absolutely nothing.

What’s on the agenda for you this Christmas? 

Song of the day: Wham “Last Christmas”





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