Lost in Tuscany

There are waaaaaay worse places to be lost than Tuscany, so I’m not complaining (too much) about how many times we misplaced our route yesterday.

But let me start at the beginning. Our gorgeous country retreat does everything so so well. Breakfast even includes a huge honeycomb dispensing the local sticky stuff. Classy!

After brekkie we jumped in the car and headed for a local market, where I picked up two tops for 8 euros – bar-gain!

Then we got lost – for the first time – and found a designer outlet mall where fancy stuff like Prada and Gucci was “greatly” reduced from 650 euros to 500 euros. The Japanese tourists were going nuts … Me not so much.

We popped into La Perla because I was running short of clean undies and popped straight back out again after discovering they were 400 euros a pair.

Not. Kidding.

Then we got lost again and finally rocked up in Siena for a late lunch.

Siena was gorgeous, with the most amazing town square that many travellers have  rated as one of the most picturesque in Iraly.

We meandered around for an hour or two before heading off to find one of Italy’s “wild” thermal springs at Petrolio.

They’re called “wild” because they haven’t been commercialised, there are just a few campervans and hippies enjoying the ambience.

Petrolio was once the site of an ancient Roman spa and bits of crumbling wall still surround the steamy little spot.

We lazed around sipping wine in the hot, hot, hot water for around an hour before dressing our sulphur-scented bodies … And getting lost … again.

We eventually rocked up to our dinner destination a hilltop village called Montepulciano.

The town must have dazzling views by day, but we arrived around 8pm and had to settle for spaghetti in the picturesque square.

And then we made the looooooooong trek back to Villa Campestri – Tuscany is A LOT bigger than it looks on the maps.

Oh and we got lost again. In the pitch dark. And almost collided with a herd of wild boars that was dashing across the road … As you do … Don’t.

That was better than a shot of caffeine at 11pm at night wherever the hell we were.

I felt like having a little weep of exhaustion and gratitude when we finally arrived back at the hotel after midnight.

But, wow. what an amazing day!

Check out the pics:

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