Hello Tuscany … And DD!

I only gave you half the holiday story. I’ve been holding out on you …

DD flew to Rome to meet me on Sunday night. Lucky me!

The rain was absolutely bucketing down when he arrived, so he was drenched when he finally puddled into the hotel from the station. But we only had one night together in Rome, so we braved the wet and headed out.

It was sheeting down at the Coloseum – we huddled under the awning of a bar and sipped wine while gazing at my favourite edifice.

Monday morning dawned bright and clear … And early because my ex wanted to collect the kids’ passports from me at 7am. I managed to put him off until 7.30am … fortunately, as I was still comatose at 7.

After a brekkie looking out at Hotel Quirinale’s lovely courtyard we headed off on a lightning Rome tour: Coloseum in daylight, quick zip through the Forum, up to the Trevi Fountain, past the Spanish Steps, a taxi to the Vatican, a twirl around St Paul’s Basilica, another taxi to the Pantheon, then a cab to the train station for our journey to Florence.

It was a wonderful, exhausting whirlwind.

At dusk, we arrived at the place we’re staying in the Tuscan countryside, Villa Campestri. It’s postcard gorgeous. I’m feeling giddily thrilled with it.

I’ll tell you more about it later, we’re off sightseeing soon. But I will say I had the most divine dinner last night, the most amazing food and wine of the trip. My prawn tagliatelle was heaven!

Check out my happy snaps …


5 thoughts on “Hello Tuscany … And DD!

  1. Hahahah…like we didn’t guess THAT was going to happen! Have a bellissimo time, you two! πŸ‘πŸπŸ•πŸ·πŸΎπŸ˜„

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