Damn you, insomnia

I thought I’d vanquished the beast, but insomnia has come back to battle me over the last three nights.

I toss and I turn in my hermetically sealed hotel room.

My head is full of thoughts that I can’t quiet.

My chest is full of emotions that are equally noisy.

I tried to walk myself into exhaustion yesterday, but it made no difference, other than adding aching legs and feet to the tally of things bothering me in the dark hours.

Singapore isn’t the place for walking.

So. Freaking. Hot.

My destination was the Gardens by the Bay but, by the time I got there I was so knackered I took one look at the admission price for the Cloud and Flower Domes – $20 – and realised there was no way I had $20 of enjoyment in me, so I turned around and proceeded to get horribly lost trying to find the right train back to the hotel in the sweltering heat.

I was pretty destroyed when I stumbled into my hotel room for a quick shower before heading out to dinner with my old CLEO gang.

They quickly made me forget my weariness as we talked and laughed for hours, catching up on old times and new over noodles and satay.

The CLEO gang were a brilliant bunch – it was one of my favourite eras in magazines. Together we doubled the circulation of the title in a year. It was such a high.

What was supposed to be an “early” dinner was still going strong hours later until we finally crowded in for a few selfies, hugged and separated off into the night.

This afternoon I fly home, which is a bit daunting, as half my house is piled up in my bedroom and TV room, so it’s not entirely liveable, though I’m sure I can clear myself a little space on my bed for a jetlagged nap tomorrow and a reunion with the fur babies.

I can’t quite believe the holiday is over – it feels like I’ve been gone six months. But it’s only been three weeks.

Real life awaits and soon the holiday will feel like a distant dream … Except I’ve got 900 photos to prove it really did happen …

Here are a few from yesterday:

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