And then it was over

It feels like FOREVER since I was in Sydney, but it’s only been three weeks.

I suppose that’s the mark of a good holiday!

But I am eager to be home.

Not eager for home to be a shambolic, half renovated mess with no children in it for another week, but ready to be back in my own bed and comfortable routine, eating veggies and drinking watered down grape juice, swimming on the Northern Beaches, catching up with my sis, hugging DD tight, walking with the school mums, all that sort of stuff.

I’m even eager to go back to work … which is the sign of a good job, I suppose!

There’s just the gruesome 8.15pm flight that got in at 4.10am my body clock time to recover from first. (It was a SHOCKER – one of the oldest planes in the Qantas fleet – and the entertainment system went down for the majority of the flight. Ooooh there were some very disgruntled frequent flyers.)

And an hour-long round trip to collect the fur babies …

And a 50th birthday of an old friend tonight. Yikes!

I was a bit worried about looking like mutton on my flight and not just because of my craggy face. I decided I couldn’t leave Singapore empty handed and bought a couple of things on sale: an orange flanellette shirt (after years of sneering at them) from Abercrombie & Fitch and a pair of Converse high-tops (erm, yes, that makes two pairs … But they were a BARGAIN).

Should 48-year-old women be wearing Abercrombie shirts and Converse high tops? I feel cool-as in them and I smell all lovely and Abercrombie, so I’m hoping I can get away with it. Let’s see what my sister has to say when she picks me up from the airport … Bless her … In a few minutes …

Stay tuned for a status report tomorrow on the renos and wrecked me.

PS Thank you Ping for a fun farewell to Singapore over lunch yesterday – was thrilled to get my chitter chat, popiah and kueh pie tee fix!

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  1. Welcome home! Have to say it’s been a thoroughly entertaining 3 weeks, reading your travel blog. I’m very, very jealous! 😄

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