It’s the thought that counts

I’ll never forget my first Christmas with Husband.  He took me to the Central Coast to meet his family. He admitted on the way that he hadn’t bought any presents. It being Christmas Day, the only place open was the pharmacy. We did his Christmas shopping there. Disposable cameras for his nephews, a talc and soap set for his grandmother, whatever else we could scrounge for the rest of the extended family. I think his grandmother guessed. For years afterwards, each time we visited she’d pull out the soap and talc set for Husband to admire. Fast forward 21 years. We went to the Central Coast yesterday to visit Husband’s family. Husband hadn’t bought any presents.  This time we shopped at the bottle shop. (Fortunately I’d remembered to buy age appropriate gifts for the minors in advance.) We gave Husband’s grandfather a case of beer. To be honest, I’d be pretty stumped to come up with anything else, even with all the time in the world to think about it. Old people don’t usually have much on their wish lists. I remember my Pop being pretty basic with his requirements: licorice, nuts, bottle of Scotch. Well, a carton of fags wouldn’t have gone astray either, but he maintained an elaborate charade of having given up smoking, while furtively puffing down the side of the house. Didn’t want to upset my grandmother. Formidable woman. Kids, on the other hand, want and get way too much. And all that wrapping paper, geez, it does my head in. Among the many things I contemplated while sleepless on Christmas night (I suspect the 1.25 litres of Diet Coke might have had something to do with it, coupled with paranoia about my mortality after a nosebleed and a week of fatigue) was whether I should create reusable Christmas paper. The idea is based on the sandwich wraps I use in the Sprogs’ lunchboxes. The wraps are squares of washable material with velcro to secure them after you put a sandwich in the middle. I reckon you could do the same with pressies. Print ’em with Christmas designs, cut ’em in a variety of sizes. Possibly only works with family though. Might be a bit awkward asking friends for the wrapping paper back afterwards.
TONIGHT’S MENU: Hmmmmm, I wonder what my mum and dad have in mind. Possibly the pub.

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