Job wanted: Santa sack stuffer

I’ve found my new vocation: Santa sack stuffer. I reckon I’ve outdone myself this year. Twenty-six gifts for each Sprog. Some tiny, some cheap, some practical, some dodgy, some edible, some adorable. The Sprogs will wake any minute and I know they’ll be stoked. I think I might go professional next year. Perfect job – six months on, six months off. People could hire me to handle the whole Santa sack palaver for them. Because few seem to enjoy the process as much as I do. I LOVE toy shops. My idea of heaven is pootling around discovering kiddie treasures. I’ve listened to endless moaning and complaining about the trials of Christmas shopping. But I’ve loved every minute, even braving the crowds yesterday for a last-minute buy. Check out the booty I’ve collected. I’m very on-trend.

Sprog 1
1. Monster High doll – Lagoona Blue
2. Monster High t-shirt with skull design
3. Travel-sized Battleship game
4. Smiggle scissor set
5. Yomiko Classics Cairn terrier soft toy
6. 7-pack of undies
7. Paper airplane kit
8. Kachooz pencil toppers
9. Freeze-dried ice-cream
10. Zebra-print lunch bag
11. Invisible ink pen
12. Mood ring
13. Doctor Who talking pen
14. 2 Goosebumps books
15. 50 Amazing Things Kids Should Know About Science book
16. Mushi Monsters blister pack
17. 4D lizard puzzle
18. Guitar wallet
19. Haviana thongs – peacock design
20. Denim shorts
21. Stuffed owl
22. Zhu-zhu puppy – Murphy
23. Scooby Doo Zombie Island DVD
24. Lego Harry Potter Night Bus
25. Box of Cadbury Milk Tray
26. Miniature gingerbread house

Sprog 2:
1. Monster High doll – Draculaura and matching key ring
2. Zhu-zhu puppy – Loolah
3. Pearl Swirlies ball
4. Yomiko Classics Yorkshire terrier stuffed toy
5. Where’s Santa? book
6. Ava pencil case containing Smiggle pencils, rubber, scissors and sharpener
7. Hello Kitty digital camera
8. 5-pack of undies
9. Purple faux-leather shoulder bag
10. Blue dress from Target
11. Black cap from Target
12. Denim shorts
13. 4D frog puzzle
14. Invisible ink pen
15. Freeze-dried ice-cream
16. Paper airplane kit
17. K-mart pajamas (cat design)
18. Aloha Scooby-Doo DVD
19. GAP flower singlet top (on-sale for $10)
20. Kachooz pencil toppers
21. Lunch bag with silver hearts on it
22. Cupcake wallet
23. Bratz thongs
24. Mushi Monsters blister pack
25. Box of jelly beans
26. Miniature gingerbread house

Merry Christmas to everyone who’s supported my blog over the past six months. I’ve loved writing it and I hope I’ve given you a laugh or two along the way.

CHRISTMAS MENU: Prawns, oysters, bugs, sushi, sashimi, rocket salad, ham, rolls, aioli etc. Low, low, low fuss. Dessert is Christmas pudding for the grown-ups, chocolate pudding for Sprog 1 and her cousin, and meringue with berries for Sprog 2 (“Chocolate makes my belly hurt, well, except for Lindt.”)

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