It’s pool party time (again!)

And so went my Tuesday afternoon, nervously attempting (and failing) to neatly inscribe the details for youngest's 9th birthday pool party on these ... I'll be sending a follow-up email with details that parents can actually decipher. The youngest is very, very chuffed about handing out her beach balls tomorrow and has insisted I take... Continue Reading →

My week: something to hide

I wanted to call this blog "Something to hide (and stuff that shouldn't be stashed) ..." but it was waaaaay too long. You'll understand the stashing reference shortly, and possibly wish it hadn't been burned into your psyche. In the meantime ... Confession: I usually start my blogs the night before. They don't just trill... Continue Reading →

It’s party time

Regular readers of HouseGoesHome are familiar with how much I love throwing a party. And they won't be surprised to hear that I've been planning the eldest's upcoming 11th birthday for months. We're going with a Hawaiian theme. To be exact, it's supposed to be a Hawaiian pool party at my sister's flash, newly renovated... Continue Reading →

Ice, ice baby

The youngest's winter wonderland party was a hit. For my own sanity, I probably should have skipped the pre-party pump class, but if I had my gym instructor wouldn't have been able to give me the excellent tip on creating a snowman's head for the birthday cake. I woke up on Sunday morning stricken by... Continue Reading →

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