How to throw a totally Crood birthday party

Kids love prehistoric stuff, whether it’s reruns of The Flintstones, dinosaurs or the latest DVD release to tackle the era, The Croods. Here’s how to throw a party that will totally rock.

Crood party activities to keep them occupied …


>> If you’re lucky enough to live in the ACT, you could hold a party at the National Dinosaur Museum, which includes a 30-minute guided tour, 30 minutes use of a party room for your own self catering and a small dinosaur toy, balloon & loot bag (click here for more details). Check with your nearest museum to see if they have something similar.

>> Closer to home, many party companies can organise dinosaur themes. Fizzics Education, for example, has a party that includes  activities such as casting your own fossils and digging out replica dinosaur bones, putting together dinosaur skeletons; making disgusting dinosaur snot,  searching through sand to find tiny fossils in the sediment; and feeling dinosaur teeth, holding dinosaur eggs and rubbing replica dinosaur skin.

>> Have something smaller in mind? Grab some of these Discover Fossil Excavation Kits ($10.47 on ebay) and get the party guests cracking to reveal the 5 fossils inside each one.


>> Or freeze some “dinosaur eggs” the night before the party then let kids to smash them to retrieve their plastic toy keepsakes. Click here for the easy instructions from Paging Fun Mums.

>> Host a sleepover and settle them in front of the tellie for some prehistoric movie fun such as The Croods or Jurassic Park (depending on their age and fear levels).


>> During a workshop at the DVD launch of The Croods I decorated a pair of Ugg boots for my seven-year-old. That’s a little pricey for the average birthday party, but why not get cheap slippers or slip-ons from a chain store and decorate them instead?

Then it’s time for some prehistoric party food …


>> These fossil cookies from Martha Stewart are such a cool idea.


>> Delight and horrify little guests with a batch of baby pterodactyl wings. Get the recipe here.

watermelon dinosaur

>> A nod to healthy eating never goes astray, especially when it’s in the shape of a carved dinosaur watermelon. Instructions at the National Watermelon Promotion Board.


>> Your budding paleontologist will be head-over-chisel for this totally rad, geeky cake that’s got surprises galore hidden inside. Before baking, you’ll want to burrow plastic figurines in layers of chocolate batter, along with bits of chocolate wafers, ladyfingers, and chocolate bar to make “rocks.” When baked, arm the kiddos with forks and start exploring! Cool, mum. Click here to see 22 more cool dinosaur cake designs.

>> Then send everyone home with a bag of dinosaur droppings! Think chocolate covered sultanas and other lumpy choc treats. Idea from Gabriel’s Good Tidings.

croods-pack-shotThe Croods is out now on Blu-ray & DVD

5 thoughts on “How to throw a totally Crood birthday party

  1. Canberra is great. Try the new Arboretum – up on a hill west of the lake. The kid’s outdoor play area is amazing – giant acorns etc. Really good café with stunning views of the city and surrounding landscape. I hear the Peruvian/Inca treasures exhibition at the National Gallery is excellent (on until April 21 I think) and there’s also a kids art activity room.

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