My week: something to hide

I wanted to call this blog “Something to hide (and stuff that shouldn’t be stashed) …” but it was waaaaay too long. You’ll understand the stashing reference shortly, and possibly wish it hadn’t been burned into your psyche.

In the meantime …

Confession: I usually start my blogs the night before. They don’t just trill off my fingertips at 5am every morning. I wrote this particular one at 8.30pm last night, as I was waiting for the youngest to go the f#@k to sleep.

She was all sugared up from a Masterchef-themed birthday party she attended across the road and not eager for a kip. Her sister, on the other hand, was desperate for her to nod off so we could finish watching The Hunger Games. I bought the eldest The Hunger Games trilogy for her 11th birthday last Sunday and she’s already finished the first one. Her reward: the movie version.

The eldest noted earlier in the week that the book was VERY violent, which is something coming from a girl whose favourite part of the Lord of The Rings was an orc copping it through the head with an axe.

I had reservations about my 11-year-old watching The Hunger Games, so the idea of the eight-year-old watching it was totally not on. We furtively started the movie during the birthday festivities across the road and paused it for pick-up (which came complete with a sparkling pink champers, bless my lovely neighbour Fi).

What I really wanted to do after that was to go the f#@ to sleep myself. Especially after the pink champers.

But the eldest finally snuck back out at 9pm and we watched the movie until the bloody, cruel end. We both noted that it’s terrifying what some people’s imaginations can create. And then crawled off to bed.

I was knackered yesterday – my Friday was quite, quite huge, what with a brutal rowing class at the gym, pricking 500 sausages at the school canteen and polishing off a serious lash of sav blanc to recover …

Saturday passed in a haze of exhaustion and spending: the eldest had numerous birthday gift cards and wasn’t going to rest until every single one had been reduced to zero. Smiggle is a terrifying place on a Saturday morning.

Today is more relaxed affair … details about that tomorrow.

But for now, on with the week that was …

Here’s what happened at Housegoeshome:


>> It started on a frenetic note with the eldest’s 11th (heatwave) birthday party. Check out my pics by clicking here (I’m a teensy bit proud of them).


>> Then I realised I’d forgotten my sister-in-law’s birthday was on the same day as the eldest’s (and she was at the party ALL day with me … eeek) in a blog called My Shame File Expands.


>> I was a little bleak on Tuesday, so the universe sent me a pig (for the bizarro explanation click here). It’s impossible to stay bleak when the universe sends you a pig.

Rocky IV1985rŽal. : Sylvester StalloneDolph LundgrenCollection Christophel

>> I mused about my problems with confrontation in a post called Conflict Resolution. I wasn’t alone. Kate Gordon commented: “Oh my stars we are (ironically) so similar! No advice for you as I *really* struggle with this also x”

Another commenter Jess suggested: “This is going to be really weird advice…but do you have any girlfriends of Chinese background? If so, I suggest discussing this ‘negative emotion thing’ as the Chinese in general don’t believe in telling people slights against them and yet they remain calm and happy.”

Meanwhile my friend Megan wrote on Facebook: “Having dealt with the consequences of raising a negative issue (school mums sent me to Coventry – very mature), I tend to just grind my teeth and get on. But the fighter in me just won’t let it stay that way. That’s how the cupboard got broken. But if I find I have been the cause of hurt? Self-flagelation for eternity. Which isn’t fair on the other person.”


>> Then I Got Booked by the divine Pinky Poinker. Who also introduced me to this startling chick version of Movember last night


Words escape me.


>> On the same day came Thanksgiving, so I doubled up with a rundown on how the celebs celebrated. Click here for all the pics.


>> And, finally, there were Too Many Pricks at the school fundraiser (My naughty mate Andrew wrote on Facebook: “Thanks for pricking my sausage. It made me feel so much better.”)

Over at, here’s what I’ve been up to …


>> Hey guys: you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places. THIS is where to meet a single woman >>


>> Why 1 in 5 Aussies are going to PRETEND to be on holidays this Christmas >>


>> Passengers get out and push plane stuck in Siberia >>


>> Wish you were on holiday right now? Then Erika Heynatz’s hot Hayman Island escape will make you VERY jealous >>


>> The world’s worst lightning hot spots >>


>> And the world’s hairiest travel destinations >>


>> She’s a marvel and a wonder … check out Laura Dundovic’s impressive collection of bikinis (22 in the last 6 months alone) here >>

How was your week?

Song of the day: The Triffids “Bury me deep in love”

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