It’s party time

Regular readers of HouseGoesHome are familiar with how much I love throwing a party. And they won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve been planning the eldest’s upcoming 11th birthday for months. We’re going with a Hawaiian theme.

To be exact, it’s supposed to be a Hawaiian pool party at my sister’s flash, newly renovated house. But there’s been a bit of a setback with the pool during the recent thunderstorms. The very expensive marquee she erected so the tilers could work rain, hail or shine didn’t really cope with cyclonic winds. She woke up the next morning to this terrible sight …


But she’s soldiering on, hoping for the best. The party isn’t supposed to be until November 23, so fingers crossed.

In the meantime, the eldest and I have been shopping our socks off on ebay. Our most recent purchases are these cute thong goodie totes …


We also bought these rubber goldfish (which we are going to put in the totes in plastic bags filled with water and tied with knots so they look like real fish bought from a pet shop) …


And we got these blow-up fish …


Plus we hit the $2 shop for little ocean-themed notebooks and thong keyrings.

We’re planning on adding bags of homemade chocolate thongs as a sweet treat. We still have the moulds leftover from a previous under-the-sea-themed party.

Aside from ordering home-delivered Hawaiian pizzas, this is the party food I’m planning on serving …

These clam cookies from Spoonful are so sweet – I love them!

Look at what you can do with a packet of Smarties, lots of food colouring and some cupcakes … great idea Mommy Make a Cake.

How to make a sandcastle cake--super detailed (and non-technical) tutorial for making a darling sandcastle cake.  Perfect for a beach or mermaid themed party, or even a casual beach wedding!

Get a step-by-step tutorial on how to make an amazing sandcastle cake at Living Well Spending Less.

These fish jellies should be so easy to make, from Babyology.

Fish Bowl Gelatin

Or I might go for a whole bowl, as Martha Stewart suggests.


The eldest is mad keen for this, but I’m not sure I’m a dab enough hand with a carving knife … from the National Watermelon Promotion Board (with step-by-step instructions).

fish punch

Serving punch filled with fish ice cubes – available from IKEA – is a great idea fromApartment Therapy.

fish and chips

If you can get your hands on some Goldfish crackers (super popular in the US – I’ve got a friend bringing me back a few boxes next week), these fish & chips from Mom & Munchkins are hilarious. Arnotts shapes have also released an under-the-sea variety – not sure if it was just a limited offer.

Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! I know, it’s totally mad to be excited about a kids’ birthday party.

I might have fudged the truth a little when I reassured someone last week that I was very, very sane.

Song of the day: Vance Joy “Riptide”

4 thoughts on “It’s party time

  1. Now who was it that said you weren’t an involved parent???? You go to so much effort for your girls’ birthday parties, very impressive and shows incredible dedication. You’re a star Alana!

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