It’s pool party time (again!)

And so went my Tuesday afternoon, nervously attempting (and failing) to neatly inscribe the details for youngest’s 9th birthday pool party on these …


I’ll be sending a follow-up email with details that parents can actually decipher.

The youngest is very, very chuffed about handing out her beach balls tomorrow and has insisted I take her to school at 8.10am so she can prep for it. Oh, alright, if you insist …

Her birthday is on March 22 and she’s kindly agreed to have the same theme as her big sister did in November, after initially expressing a desire for a giant, blow-up waterslide.

It’s an awesome outcome, as it means I can use all the same party props and ideas from last time and not spend $400 on slide hire.

There’s also heaps of leftover loot for the party bags. Score!

My friend Alice has kindly (crazily?) offered her pool for the party. We are set. Thank you Alice!

I’m currently hard at work on putting together the loot bags, which are a pivotal part of all my kids’ birthday celebration. My loot bags have become legendary among the kids’ friends.

The youngest’s have been sourced on ebay and look like this …


We already have leis and fish rings lined up as booty and I’ve just put in an ebay order for fish lollipops …


Cool, huh?


And we’ll do another round of rubber goldfish, pet-shop style (as above).

We’re replicating most of the food from the eldest’s party (click here to see the spread), but the youngest wants a pool cake that looks kinda like this …


I figure it should be a doddle compared to the freaking sandcastle cake that took three hours to make and three minutes to collapse during the heatwave last November.

Lots of people tell me they hate organising their kids’ parties, but I genuinely love it. All those ideas, all that planning, all those excited faces on the day!

(It helps that my ex always handles the harrowing party games and entertainment bit, shudder.)

How about you?

Song of the day: Dire Straits “Twisting by the pool”

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  1. Sounds like your girls’ parties are such fun Alana. I think it’s easier to do that fun stuff with girls. I’m at a loss what to do for a bunch of teenage boys (14 turning 15) but I’ve got until October to come up with something! Have fun making up your loot bags – wish I was 9 again!!

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