I’ve had a narnie

I know, it sounds like a tantrum. But it’s not.
It’s the most divine creation by Three Williams Cafe in Redfern. I was in oral heaven as I munched on one yesterday.
It was almost as good as the company – I finally reunited with my former workmate/twin, Lana Hirschowitz from The Sharpest Pencil, after too long apart. The last time we met, Charlie was just a wee, fluffy thing …
We didn’t stop yabbering for 90 straight minutes. The waitress could barely get a word in to ask which narnie I wanted. I went for the beef brisket, slaw, pickles and chipotle mayo. Mmmmmmmm.
In fact, yesterday was a good day for weird-but-good food generally.
For dinner I headed to Radio Cairo with the kids for Husband’s 47th birthday.
I know. But, as Diane Keaton told John Cusack in Bullets Over Broadway … “No, no, don’t speak. Don’t speak.”
We had the limpopo crocodile wings (chicken wings in disguise) and octopus curry and piri piri prawns.
Nom, nom.
To top it all off, it wasn’t just my tastebuds that were sated yesterday – my in-laws sent a belated birthday card with a Witchery gift certificate in it … Wasn’t that lovely? So I bought myself some silky cargo pants to celebrate being down to size 12 again, plus a studded creamy floaty singlet top.
Very chuffed with them, I am. Though if I keep eating so much gorgeous food …
What’s the yummiest thing you’ve eaten lately? 
Song of the day: “Heart’s A Mess”, Gotye
PS And then, in moment of melancholy, I tried to investigate eHarmony to check what my options were looking like. It rejected me because I am separated but not divorced. Well that’s a loooooong way off due to finicky government requirements. So then I checked out RSVP and it offered up people who’d given themselves names like “Red Ducati” and “Man with patch seeks something soothing for good eye”. Fark me drunk … no … don’t even fark me then. 




4 thoughts on “I’ve had a narnie

  1. Ifound chris on ‘plenty of fish’… actually, he found me… lol… but, b very wary on dating websites, alot of guys r either after just a quick sexual encounter or to jump strait into a full on relationship… then u get the ones that send the very flattering introductory email… but when u have another close friend using the site, u r lucky enuf to find that they r sending the same msg to every1…

  2. As soon as I scrolled down and saw that pic of Diane Weist and gorgeous young John Cusack the words, “Don’t speak, DON’T speak” came into my head. Great use of a photo! It’s nice you all went out to dinner. I didn’t know eHarmony had that rule – seems a bit unfair.

    • I love that scene so much! I think the eHarmony rule is nuts – well I can understand why they do it, but you have to be separated for a year before you divorce and you’re not expected to date?????

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