My lost night with Simon Baker

There’s a celebrity moment from my past I haven’t told you about.

It involves me almost spending the night swing dancing with Simon Baker in New York.

I realise it would be a much better story if I HAD spent the night swing dancing with Simon Baker in New York.

But I didn’t, so you’ll just have to make do.

I was reminded of the Simon Baker incident by Kerri Sackville sharing a video on her Facebook page of Britney Spears pranking Jimmy Kimmel by waking him up in the middle of the night writhing around his bed giving an intimate performance of her new single, “Make Me.”

Kerri wrote: “If you guys really loved me you’d arrange for Simon Baker to do this to me in the middle of the night”

Dammit – missing out on spending the night writhing around (on a dancefloor) with Simon Baker still irks me 15 years later.

OK, OK, I’ll get on with the non-story … I went on a solo holiday to New York and a friend gave me the number of an Aussie bloke she knew there.

I called and he took me out for pasta in Greenwich Village. He got a call from a friend during the meal, entreating him to go swing dancing. He gallantly replied that he couldn’t because he was out to dinner with “a gorgeous redhead.”

He was quite the flatterer and intent on seducing me.

Muuuuuuch later that night I choked on my Cosmopolitan when he confessed that the call had been from his mate Simon Baker. THE Simon Baker.

Simon Baker had just finished starring in Home & Away.

Simon Baker looked like this …


I could have gone swing dancing in New York with THE Simon Baker. I spent the night being badgered for a bonk by his mate instead.

THE Simon Baker!



Aaaaaaand that’s about the closest I’ve ever been to shagging a celebrity.

Not. Very. Close.

Although there was that time Portia di Rossi hoped I’d invite her up to my hotel room

Have you ever come close to shagging a celebrity? Or even been as far away as I was?

Song of the day: Pete Murray “Opportunity”

5 thoughts on “My lost night with Simon Baker

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  1. Oh Alana, I feel your pain. There was the time I almost had dinner with Keanu Reeves. By “almost”, I mean my friend and I followed him to an Indian Restaurant in Darlinghurst, and when his dining companion (Carrie Ann Moss) went to the bathroom, I slunk into her seat. He was charming until I told him I was a magazine editor. What was I thinking? I think I may have told you that one before. Swing dancing with Simon Baker would’ve been way better than dinner with Keanu I think!

  2. I have lots of stories of almost meeting celebrities – not even close to shagging one, I’m afraid. I’m often a degree or two from actual connection! Swing dancing in New York would have been pretty cool with or without Simon Baker I suspect. Missed opportunity indeed!

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