11 boozy desserts I want to make

A hazard of my new job (or is it a perk?) is that I spend part of every day looking for recipes containing alcohol as a bit of light relief from the news stories.

Poor me.

I became quite transfixed last week by The Cookie Rookie’s Strawberry Shortcake Vodka …


I mean … strawberry … shortcake … vodka … what’s not to like?

I decided to make it as a present for my friend Suse. Suse has been incredibly kind to me over the last few months, plying me with red wine while we sit chatting in front of her open fireplace, so I wanted to do something nice for her.

The strawberries are marinating in the vodka as I type …


Then I’ll add the other ingredients and we’ll test it out on the weekend. Nom, nom … my kinda preserves.

Yesterday I discovered it was National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, so I posted these Nutella Frangelico Ice Cream Sandwiches from Buttercream Blondie …


Last week, there were the Drunken Rainbow Marshmallow Pops from The Decorated Cookie … so pretty!


And this Tiramisu Martini from My Baking Addiction, which isn’t technically a dessert but looks like one …


Aaaaaand this Pina Colada Cake from Brit + Co …


Aaaaaaaand Honey Whiskey Cupcakes with Bourbon Drizzle from Liquor.com …


Who could say no to Baileys Tim Tam Cheesecake Balls from Bake, Play, Smile?


Or Kahlua Brownies with Brown Butter Icing from Recipe Girl …


Espresso Martini Cake from Delicious kinda blows my mind …


As do Cosmopolitan Cupcakes from The Novice Chef …


And save a little space for 19 Shot Glasses You Can Eat from Buzzfeed …


Which one is your favourite?

Song of the day: U2 “The sweetest thing”





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