How fragile love can be

I found my wedding speech in the attic a few years ago. I was clearing out the attic of our broken family home, getting it ready for sale. The speech was in a box of old love letters and photographs. Remember love letters? I’m sad my kids will never get one. It rattles me whenever […]

Romance isn’t dead

Earlier this week I bemoaned the rise of Tinder and the death of romance. It prompted a friend and Facebook follower to note: “I want romance but wonder like Jennifer Garner said if anyone does that anymore. Where are the gentlemen?” She’s talking about Jen’s Vanity Fair interview, where she was asked if she could see […]

What do you want from me?

Naturally, when I heard it was going to be 24C yesterday, I headed to the beach. I mean – it was May 22 and swimming weather – no brainer! Admittedly, the warm weather around the globe is a little scary: a city in northern India shattered the national heat record last week, registering a searing […]

Getting my part two

It’s my wedding anniversary today. Sixteen years. We won’t make it to 17. I’ll have hassled him into signing the paperwork by then. But right now we’re still married. I feel a bit weird and – unexpectedly – sad about that. Not because I wish we were together, or because we’re faffing around, but because […]

Not knowing it’s the last time

I still had sand between my toes and salty curls in my hair as I started writing this blog post last night. I couldn’t resist driving to the Northern Beaches yesterday for my last swim of the season. DD and I went to Palm Beach for a splash. The water was sooooooo divine: clear and […]

My proudest single-mum achievement

“If you make life hell for your ex, you also make life hell for your children.” Those words – from marriage and family therapist Virginia Gilbert – popped up in my Facebook feed yesterday, reminding me that I’ve chosen the best co-parenting path, even though it feels pretty wretched sometimes. Virginia told Huffington Post Divorce: “Your number […]

Say it like you mean it

Every now and then I catch up with someone who hasn’t heard my back story of woe. So I tell it to them. There’s a little less vitriol every time. Last night, I basically acted as apologist for my ex-husband the whole way through the tale. There’s still a slender – white hot – rod […]

Rewriting history

It’s tempting to rewrite history and dismiss my 23-year relationship with my ex-husband as one gigantic mistake. Well, aside from the fact it produced my two divine daughters. But that can’t be true. There was a time when we were happy and in love … I just can’t remember it. I know we were attracted […]