Fighting the feeling

I was a teensy bit emotional yesterday.

Confession: I might be a little rattled by the kids moving in with my ex and his partner. Just a little.

I’d rather they didn’t move in with her, but I also know that it’s inevitable when your ex is involved with someone else.

Well, not inevitable. Not everyone blends. But my ex and his partner bought an apartment together more than a year ago, so it was just a matter of time in their case.

It was weird dropping the eldest off at the apartment where she’s been co-living at for the past three years on Sunday night, knowing it was the last time I’d walk through the door of my ex’s place.

I won’t be entering the new place. I feel the same way about it as opening my credit card bill … Just. Can’t. Go. There.

Fortunately, in the case of the new apartment, I don’t have to go there. I don’t think it would be … kosher … And all the pick ups are at my place or school.

As for what happens when the kids forget something moving forward … well, there will be no more five-minutes-away emergency drops.

Good luck with that.

I also can’t shake the cold I’ve been battling for the past 10 days. I feel weary and faintly nauseous and snotty and my throat hurts a bit.

Put those two things together and it’s making the days feel a bit long and the nights a bit short right now.

I’m tired. Single mum life is a hard on these 49-year-old bones and wallet and health.

Fortunately I caught up with my friend Sam last night (pictured above in our youth – great one of her, crap one of me), which was chicken soup for the soul.

Sam and I have been friends since I first moved to Sydney in my early 20s and we worked together at Design Series magazine, then Cosmopolitan.

We hadn’t seen each other since last year, which is a bit of a shocker. But life gets a bit complicated when you’re parenting and working full time.

Our catch-up was just a quick one, but we covered off the major bases and a few hugs and a bowl of garlic french fries, with a chaser of pink wine.

DD texted and asked how my night was going and I told him that Sam was a lovely friend.

We need to do it again much sooner.

Song of the day: Kylie Minogue “Step back in time”

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