What I DON’T want to hear

Do you know what a single parent doesn’t want to hear when she’s worked from 8.30am to 3pm, then driven to the school to collect her first born and take her to art class, then headed home to work a bit more, then prepped dinner, then collected the first born from art class, then grabbed three kids from skipping class, then dropped two kids to separate addresses, then driven home and cooked dinner (and is still facing mounds of dirty washing and dishes and dog hair strewn floors and prep for the next day)?

She doesn’t want to hear that her younger daughter’s homework is to play Celebrity Head.

Especially when the only person available to play Celebrity Head with the younger daughter is the exhausted single parent.

Fortunately, I got the Celebrity Head word Post-It noted to my forehead in three guesses. It was “eucalyptus”. (It’s quite remarkable that I got it in three guesses, since I thought Celebrity Head involved celebrities, not things koalas eat.)

Actually, I reckon playing Celebrity Head isn’t high on married, stay-at-home parents’ homework wish lists either on a Tuesday night.

Am I right? Admirable though it may be to play “fun” word games with your child.

Anyways, that’s my little tip for teachers who aren’t parents yet and might not realise the bleary horror they’ve invoked.

You’re welcome.

Song of the day: Sheryl Crow “All I wanna do”

6 thoughts on “What I DON’T want to hear

  1. I love this. I was a single parent up until last year and totally feel you – those days where my daughter would be sent home with some ridiculous task and I’d just think WHY, why me? 😆
    Your blog is great, btw X

  2. Freakily, we played celebrity head with the kids last night (havent done that for ages) for a bit of entertainment despite my deep sighs and list of jobs I had to get done (which I listed off for everyone so they would be aware of what it takes to keep our place ticking over!). We had a good laugh. Was it worth it? I dont know….

  3. I look forward to a Scandinavian time when homework is a definition not an all afternoon activity. As a teacher I hated it and even though I worked in lots of schools that had ‘a homework policy’ which meant work from every subject every day! – can you imagine? I always refused and said the rehearsals for assessment performances was more than enough. I hate homework! Let ’em enjoy the afternoons I reckon. Celebrity heads? mmmm not sure.

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