He owes you nothing

I should be immune, given my scandalous history, but clickbait can still lure me into its sticky web.

Mamamia sent me an email on Saturday entitled: “Karl Stefanovic owes you nothing.”

I couldn’t help clicking on the link. It was WORD.

Actually, on second glance, it was mainly the heading that was WORD. The article just skirted politely around the controversy without getting too mouthy.

But I agree 100% with that headline. Karl owes all the total strangers getting their knickers in a knot over his love life ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I hadn’t previously given a toss about Karl’s marriage break up, but my friend Claudia came over for dinner on Friday night and was demanding answers from me – as an ex-weekly magazine editor – for why Karl just rolled over and gave his ex a quickie $6million financial settlement while only keeping a piddling $500,000 for himself.

Just in case you’ve been without access to a computer or phone or other form of electronic device or even a newspaper, let me get you up to speed fast: Today Show host Karl split with his wife of 21 years, Cassandra Thorburn, in August last year. The couple have three children – Jackson, 16, Ava, 11, and 10-year-old River.  Karl went public with her new girlfriend, Jasmine Yarborough, a 33-year-old Brisbane-born model and shoe designer, in March. Well, I’m not sure he meant to go public in March, but the paparazzi had other ideas.

In early May, it was revealed he’d given his ex virtually all their assets, plus more money for ongoing payments and child support.

The Daily Telegraph’s Annette Sharp was giddy at the news: “Cass, the woman who gave up her own career to raise the couple’s brood and stood loyally in the wings for well over a decade, media job opportunities are said to have been few and far between since her marriage ended nine months ago.

“Karl, now at the peak of his career earning power at age 42, can make that $6 million up in a decade. Probably less. And he has no lack of powerful friends in media who will see to it that he is all right.

“Cass, not so much. Although she does have the love of three children who know she won’t leave them.”

Oh puh-lease. That is such manipulative journalism.

Cass is going to be just fine. She might be feeling a little bitter and twisted and angry right now, but she’ll come out the other side. She’s intelligent and resourceful and wealthy and in her prime.

Oh, and she’s far from the only one finding it hard to get a job in media. She might have to – gasp – consider another line of work.

Sharp isn’t the only one putting the boot into Karl.

On Friday, radio host Meshel Laurie said: “All you ever see are photos of the ex [Thorburn] cleaning out the house. She’s got the kids, she’s doing the life and Karl is at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, or he’s flying off overseas for holidays. I think this is a bit rude.”

I should agree with Meshel and Annette and all the other people out there in cyberspace bashing Karl. I know how much it hurts when your partner of 20+ years leaves.

But Meshel and Annette don’t know what was going on behind closed doors at chez Stefanovic in the months and years leading up to him leaving. None of us do.

Do you stay in an unhappy marriage just because it’s the “done thing”.

I’m not convinced you do.

And I don’t think you should dress in rags, rub yourself with ashes and publicly flagellate yourself for eternity to satisfy public moral outrage over your “sins” either.

Cassandra and her $6million will be just fine.

I feel for the kids, it’s bloody awful when your mum and dad split up. But relationships are hard and complicated and (sadly) they often end.

Life goes on.

And you move on. You focus on good co-parenting and build a new life. Maybe you decide you like being alone. Maybe you meet someone and get a second chance at love.

As for Karl “flaunting” his new girlfriend, it’s a bit hard not to when the paparazzi are following you every second of the day. The paparazzi don’t give a flying fark about the hurt they’re causing Karl’s kids or Cassandra with their photos.

And what’s the statute of limitations on not being seen in public with your new partner after your marriage ends? Six months, one year, two years?

Karl is a media figure who gets invited to parties and events. His life goes on too.

Karl shouldn’t be celebrated for his actions. But he shouldn’t be demonized either.

Move along, people. Move along.

You can’t control other people’s actions, you can only control your own.

Just try to make your actions good ones. That’s all you can do.

Song of the day: Cyndi Lauper “Time after time”

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