What’s inside my head

I got Herrmann profiled yesterday as part of a project I’m reporting on for work. It’s a tool to help understand your thinking style. A bloke called Ned Herrmann developed it and it’s spookily accurate.

You answer 120 questions about yourself (blardy hell) and it creates a personalised chart explaining your brain processes.

Here’s mine …

How cool and pervy is that?!

It wasn’t really a surprise to learn I was dominant in the D quadrant, which is all about aesthetics and vision and creativity. My second most dominant quadrant was C – which is all about empathy and communication and feeling.

My levels in all four quadrants were 1 or 2 – which means I’m motivated by all modes of thinking and don’t feel uncomfortable when dealing with any of them.

Where it gets interesting is when it predicts how people respond under pressure (the dotted line, above). Suddenly everything gets thrown up in the air for me – I remain highly creative, but get much more emotional and process-based and chuck everything analytical and factual out the window.

(So it wasn’t pretty at 9pm last night when I realised I was waiting in the completely wrong deserted location to pick the eldest up from her night bushwalk with Scouts … Google Maps and I were NOT friends as I panicked my way to the next suburb while it gave me the silent treatment.)

I need to explore my results in more depth, you’re just getting the top-line, which is probably more than enough since it’s about me not you (which is about as interesting as hearing about the weird dream I had last night.)

The intern working with me found it all fascinating. She reckons everyone should get Herrmann profiled before they’re unleashed on the workforce.

PS We celebrated our results afterwards with sparkling wine at Luna Park with a glorious view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge … cheers!

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